Voice and Writing

The conversation of voice has been brought up in various spaces. The question of where it comes from and how it sounds is common. How do we translate ourselves onto paper? It’s a complex thought process that I think we all try to piece together.

I believe that the stories that we have are unique. Not many people can claim our experiences, although we can experience similar things. I think what stands out is the way we describe our experiences. The important details that matter to us are usually the details we focus on.

How we describer such details also says a lot about ourselves as writers. I think of a person’s word choice, emphasis, and their actual voice when trying to understand a writer’s writing voice.

It is difficult to come form your own voice though. I feel as I am still forming my voice. The only time I believe that my voice is represented in my writing is when I write poetry. The experiences I have and the words I choose to describe different scenes are what make my writing unique. I see my writing as ever evolving. As I grow as a person, so does my writing. What I wrote at 15 is completely different to what I write now (thank god). As writers, I believe that we have to recognize that we are growing and our writing grows with us.


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