First Note: Hello

Hello. I am Haesoo Kim, the Communications Coordinator for WSP and, by extension, the content editor for our blog The Waterhole.

This new category, Notes From the Editor, came about as a result of our staff more than doubling in size since WSP was founded 15 years ago. Now that we have enough counselors for the 5 daily themed posts per week, I, as the content editor, no longer write posts every week and instead focus on providing feedback for our counselors to improve and develop their own writing. This gives me more time for other projects, and I wanted a way for me to engage with our readers and provide a greater insight into what’s going on in WSP. Thus, Notes From the Editor was born.

In Notes From the Editor, I will post updates about WSP’s staff, introduce new components of the blog, and occasionally include my own creative writing pieces.

I am thrilled to be WSP’s Communications Coordinator this year, and I am honored to carry on the work my predecessor Gabriela Cuevas has done to revamp our blog. Thank you, and I look forward to another great year, dear readers!


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