In Case You Missed the First Presidential Debate

I will not be reviewing the entire presidential debate, if that’s what you’re thinking. However, I will bullet-point main issues that were highlighted during the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I will present a brief overview of each presidential candidate’s response to the questions that were posed during the presidential debate. Do not forget that many more issues will be presented in the next two presidential debates (click on the link to check out the presidential debate schedule)!

1. Creating Jobs for Americans


  • Build an economy that will create good paying jobs (infrastructure, manufacturing, technology…) and that will benefit everyone
  • Ensure that the minimum wage increases and that women are paid equal for the work that they do
  • Support families by paying for family leave, sick days, and affordable child care
  • Debt- free college


  • Have a renegotiation of trade deals
  • Reduce taxes- 35% to 15% for all businesses and companies
  • Stop companies from leaving the country, firing employees, and stop jobs from being stolen from the United States
  • Stop countries such as Mexico and China from taking Americans jobs, and using the money to rebuild their countries.

2. Taxes


  • Taxing cuts on the wealthy (wealthy will also create jobs and expand their companies)
  • Get rid of carried interest provision to expand companies since it will be something great for the middle class
  • (Will not release tax returns, only if Clinton releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted).


  • Increase tax on the wealthiest Americans
  • Make college debt free so that more young people can get an education
  •  Invest in the middle class, instead of those at the top



  • Make sure that communities and police restore trust
  • Ensure that police get the best training, techniques, and become aware of when to use force
  • Implement a criminal justice reform


  • Better communities and relations (police and communities like Clinton)
  • Stop- and- frisk, taking guns from gangs
  • Use law and order

4. Securing America (Cyber attacks)


  • Make it clear to other countries who try to hack our information that we do not want to use the tools that we have, on them


  • Like Hilary, make sure that we are better and tougher when it comes to cyber and cyber warfare


Feel free to watch the entire presidential debate to gain a better insight into any of these issues. In case I missed anything, here is the link -> (The Washington Post) to read the full transcript for the first presidential debate. Oh, and make sure to check out the Community Programs Office Facebook page for a possible screening of the second presidential debate!



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