To Mr. No Means Yes

Rape isn’t a crime anymore

Bright futures are enough
When weak ass judges
Let rapists out in just 3 months

Girls like me don’t matter
We’re all just stupid sluts
That go out and party
And drink way too fucking much

It’s never a man’s fault when a woman is raped
A woman asks for it when  she says hey
Or hello, or how are you, or good day
When she makes eye contact or smiles their way
It is always the girl’s fault when a woman is raped
Because deep inside her female mind
She’s always wanted it that way

So men have concluded that
Jail time is more traumatic
For men that have raped
Since their mediocre swimming times
Didn’t make headlines until
They got caught committing a rape
Penetrating someone while they were unconscious
Talk about great

Great aspirations for that boy
That no one gave a shit about
Until he violated someone’s rights
And a rapist judge let him off

He went home to a weeping mother
Crying about her baby

While that girl woke up to hospital bills
And missing underwear
To purple spills staining her thighs
Tubes reaching into places
Tests, and pictures, and questions

As if she knows what he’d done
They tackled that bitch to the ground
He tried to run away
But why would he flee from something that
He claimed to say was okay?

I don’t care about your swimming times
Or your privileged ass face
You’ll never be a swimmer
Or a talented graduate
You’ll always be that rapist
The one the law let get away

The patriarchal society
That allows men to say “it was a soft no”
Has defined rape as sex
When a girl says no

Apologies are like Windex
Judges nowadays
Seem to think apologies
Are like miracles
Can make bad dreams go away

If we slit our wrists will the world take us seriously
Or will they call us dramatic
Will they say we’re doing it for the attention
Since all we want is that beloved male affection
All we want is for men to love us
To need us
To fuck us

No doesn’t mean anything
When you’re not given the opportunity to say it
No doesn’t mean anything when men define it as maybe
No doesn’t mean anything when after it happens
People still think it’s our fault
Because we let it happen

Why did you drink so much?
Why didn’t you fight him off?
Why didn’t you stop him?
What did you do wrong?

History has shown me
My body doesn’t matter
The rape of my soul
Is just as common as mindless chatter

I am disposable
A gaping hole that will one day get fatter
Will feed out more bodies
More insignificant parts

History has shown me
History has shown me
RAPE isn’t a CRIME


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