Introducing the Weekend Writing Warrior!

Hello Dear Readers,

I am elated to announce that WSP is launching a new project called the Weekend Writing Warrior (WWW). From this week onwards, I will post a new prompt that everyone and anyone is invited to answer. Each Friday, the prompt will go up on our blog and our Facebook page at 5 PM, and will be “live” until the next prompt is posted the following week.*

Writers may answer the prompts in several ways:

  1. Commenting directly on the blog post in the comment section below the prompt.
  2. Emailing along with a short note if you want me to post it on the blog for you or if you would like to work with me on turning your answer into a guest blog piece (see examples of guest blogs).
  3. Commenting on the Facebook post of the writing prompt you are responding to on our WSP Facebook page.

These prompts will be varied – sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes silly, and sometimes serious. You can choose to interpret the question however you want, and the answer can be in any form – poetry, short story, flash fiction, essay, play – and of any length – from just one word to a piece several pages long.

My hope for the WWW is for our readers to practice writing regularly and expand their imagination and their writing skills. I hope that the WWW will act as a platform to encourage more people to share their voices and be inspired by the creativity and unique perspectives of the writers in our community. Even if you choose to write an answer to a prompt without sharing it, I hope that it will have been helpful to you as a writer and a thinker. Everyone has a story, and writing it down can be a powerfully transformative experience.

So, Dear Readers, I hereby invite you to become a Weekend Writing Warrior. Be on the lookout for our first WWW prompt coming up this Friday, November 4.

Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate, ask! Email the editor of The Waterhole at

*Weekend Writing Warrior prompts are now posted on Saturdays at 9 AM.


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