Building Community at UCLA as a Transfer Student

I always look at the transfer page on Facebook because I like to see the funny GIFs, important events and what transfer students are up to. This year I have noticed that the transfer page has become more of an outlet for incoming transfer students. Students have found the page as a support system where they are able to express having difficulties with the challenges that come with being at a student in a UC campus (Check out the transfer page here). Although other transfers offer support, I think that transfers should find support beyond the Facebook page.

I believe its important to find a community as an incoming transfer student because it is the first step in finding support. In my experience I completed the Transfer Summer Program which helped me transition from a semester system to a quarter system, get familiar with the campus, and find a community that still supports me today. I believe that without this program, I would not have been aware of resources on campus, or learn how to network with other students on campus…etc.

Building community is important in a transfer students college experience, because we are limited on time. We also have to navigate the entire campus in two years. Networking and getting to know ones professors or TA’s is more challenging than it was in a community college. Figuring out what our next step will be after these two years which feel like months also requires us to seek programs like the Graduate – Undergraduate Mentorship at UCLA which helps foster postsecondary success.

At Transfer Raza Day last year, I remember asking my chaperone for the night Maria what was home to her at UCLA. She said that the Community Programs Office was home and a community to her. She was doing a summer internship at the time with the CPO. I decided to apply not knowing a lot about it, but I knew that I wanted to find more support and a work-study job on campus. I found support beyond the transfer community and transfer page. I completed the internship program which is a year, and I decided to apply for the summer internship as well.

Searching for a community and support amidst the challenges and overwhelmingness of transitioning to a UC system is I believe an important part of the transfer experience.

Here is a list of resources that transfer students should pursue:







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