A Morning in the Life…

Friday morning sometime in November 2016.

12:00AM – Talks to J about going to bed soon. Asks if he’ll finish her laundry.
12:27AM – J wakes her up and gives her phone to set her alarms.
12:31AM – J asks her if her phone is on silent. She makes some noises and reaches out for her phone. Confirms the phone is not on silent.
5:30AM – First alarm goes off. She reaches over J, crawls across the floor and silences the alarm. J is still asleep.
5:47AM – She enters the bathroom to take a shower.
5:50AM – Leaves bathroom because she has forgotten toothbrush, underwear, and a towel.
6:00AM – Frantically scrambles to try and turn second alarm off without waking up J’s roommates.
6:13AM – Returns from bathroom to drop dirty clothes in the corner of the room. Checks phone for time. Sits on floor and opens Über app.
6:14AM – Requests Über. Goes on google maps to estimate how long it will take to get to work. 58 minutes. Hopes she can sleep in car.
6:27AM – Über has arrived. Kisses J goodbye. J says “I love you” as she leaves.
6:29AM – Finally in Über.
6:36AM – Über driver asks if it’s okay to take Topanga Canyon Boulevard to her destination. She tries to explain to driver that last time she took that route she was “very late to work” and that she prefers to take the freeway. Über driver tries to explain that there is a lot of traffic on the freeway.
6:37AM – She insists on taking the freeway. Uber driver mentions something about taking side roads and does not use Uber app.
6:38AM – Wishes Über driver would use Uber app to take her to her destination.
6:39AM – Says, “I just want to get to work on time.” Über driver takes her through Topanga Canyon Boulevard.
7:01AM – Determines that she will be 30 minutes late to work. Cannot call work to let them know because she has no service. Wishes she would have fought the Über driver about the route.
7:24AM – Stuck in traffic because Topanga Canyon Boulevard is a two lane street and there are no other routes to take when you are stuck behind an unending line of cars. Looks out window and pretends she’s in a movie.
7:39AM – Finally reaches the coast line and gains signal. Tries to remember the beautiful things in life when she looks at the sunrise.
7:42AM – Able to call work. Has awkward conversation about being late to work…again. Apologizes.
7:46AM – Feels like shit.
8:07AM – Still has not arrived to work. Stuck in traffic on the way back from Santa Monica. Hopes Über driver feels like shit.
8:12AM – Finally turns onto street where work is located.
8:13AM – Feels guilty for wanting Über driver to feel like shit.
8:17AM – Says goodbye without being salty even though she is almost 30 minutes late to work.
8:21AM – Opens Über app to find her final price is higher than was originally shown because driver did not follow the route on the Über app.
8:22AM – Wants to cry.
8:24AM – Sees kindergarten student smile and wave. Feels better about life.


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