Daily Tidbit: American Cultural Literacy

[Aside: I felt compelled to write about this because my boyfriend kept saying this and referencing The Outsiders (a novel by S.E. Hinton) even though I doubt he has ever read it.]

“Stay gold, Ponyboy.”

If you ever hear someone say this to you don’t be confused.

If someone says it casually they probably mean nothing more than “I’ll see you later” or “Have a good day.”

But, if someone says “Stay gold” or even “Stay golden” they could also mean it as an extended metaphor. Like when a character in a movie leaves on a life changing adventure, “Stay gold” is probably what one of their friends would say if they didn’t want their friend to change too much. In other words, “Stay gold, Ponyboy “means: be yourself, stay the same, don’t change for the worse.

So if you know someone that’s going on a date, or is trying to impress someone throw them this line and wait and see if they know what you mean.

Or try it out on unsuspecting coworkers, acquaintances, roommates. Then wait and see if you leave behind a trail of silence.


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