Kylie Jenner: The Product of a Hypocritical Society



Middle school. Twelve years old. Warm, blue day. I was standing in line to get school lunch with my best friend, minding my own business and focusing on getting my food when it happened—

My head whipped to the left as soon as I heard it: “Ewww! Your nose is so big!”

I faced a familiar boy my age, with large eyes filled with devious satisfaction for being able to catch my attention.  He extended his hand towards my face because my nose seemed to be a circus attraction for his entertainment. “Can I touch it?”

Throughout middle school, I was made fun of countless of times for my large nose. I would often come home crying, asking why me? Why did I have to be born with something that society thinks is ugly? Why couldn’t I just have a small normal nose? It was my worst trait and I couldn’t wait to get rhinoplasty. A girl, twelve years old, waiting for the day where she could go under the knife.  My mom would comfort me, telling me that when I was eighteen, I could finally go get my nose job and become “more beautiful.”

The feeling of my stomach sinking was guaranteed whenever I experienced someone alluding or outright stating that I had a large nose. That moment was no different. It was a feeling that I will never forget even as an adult. It signified my unworthiness, my ugliness, my inability to truly be me without being called out for it.

Now that I’m 21, I’ve been living with my new nose for two years now (and a chin implant) and I honestly couldn’t be happier. But no matter how happy I might be, some people would want to me feel guilty because I’m now considered “fake.”

America has a very weird relationship with plastic surgery. Everyday, we’re taught to love our bodies and love ourselves. At the same time, you see people tearing each other down based on how they look all the time — yet once the bullied individual actually goes out and does something about their appearance, they’re looked down upon.

And who is the best example of this?

Kylie Jenner.

Kylie’s presence in the social media world, namely Instagram and Snapchat, has made her the center of attention (good and bad).  Her “transformation” from a girl that looked like this:


To this:

absolutely calls for her being under the spotlight.

Has Kylie Jenner changed? Yes. Has she done anything aside from her lip injections, puberty, and makeup? Yes. To see her pictures throughout time and deny that she’s had anything else done to her face, such as fat injections to her buttocks, her breasts, botox, nose job, slight cheek and chin fillers, and jawline contouring, is crazy. Kylie is a completely changed woman.

And guess what?

People seem to despise her for it. Like really, really hold some sort of hatred that goes beyond any rational thinking. It makes me frustrated and angry. Let these pictures, that didn’t take a lot of effort to find, speak for you:screenshot-2017-01-09-at-5-16-02-pm


“kylie is not gifted she is fake just like most of girls you see”

“It’s sad how humans actually idolize her”

“We all knew she’s fake”

“Are you seriously comparing Kylie Jenner and Emma Stone??? Kylie is like pure fake and Emma is flipping gorgeous.”

“God….Emma Stone is an actress of course she is better than that plastic bitch no matter what”

“Emma is class, Kylie is trash!!!!”


I find all of this quite hypocritical.  Didn’t we, as a society, agree that Kylie Jenner was the uglier of the sisters? As a LITTLE GIRL for years, didn’t she have to face scrutiny for looking as she naturally did? Her “real” self, overshadowed by hateful comments and the presence of her older sister?

As someone who has been bullied in middle school, I can’t even imagine how it was like for her to be ridiculed on a global scale. And now that she took society’s comments to heart and changed herself through more extreme means to please us, she is now being called “fake” and “trash”? Kylie is beautiful now and she is confident, but we can’t seem to admit that she is because it goes against our “holier than thou” attitude when it comes to loving our natural beauty.

We need to stop shaming individuals for wanting to go through surgery to become more aesthetically acceptable while simultaneously judging others who don’t naturally conform to what we believe is attractive.

I absolutely believe that Kylie should admit to what she’s gotten done so that the younger population will stop setting unrealistic examples for themselves. But there seems to be no winning for her nor for people in similar situations. Ultimately, she is the only one in control of her own body, and if she wants to get something done that will make her feel good about herself, then she should go ahead. I got rhinoplasty because my nose was deemed ugly by others and even by myself.  I don’t think I will ever regret getting my surgery. So instead of tearing these people down no matter what they do, let’s try to embrace each other’s differences—”natural” or “fake.”  
Just leave and let be.


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