Recap on Trump’s Inauguration

This past week, on the events of Trump’s inauguration, massive protests and rallies were seen throughout the nation — fueled by anger and resistance in response to a controversial election. Nearly fifty House Democrats refused to witness the inauguration, and hundreds of thousands of Americans marched in streets in protest to Trump’s presidency and to fight for fundamental human rights. Celebrities joined in solidarity as well.

The events of the inauguration began on Thursday, January 19th with performances at the Lincoln Memorial and ended on Saturday, January 21st with Trump and Pence’s participation at the interfaith National Prayer Service at the Washington National Cathedral. The climax of the inauguration, happening on Friday, included President Trump being sworn in and giving his inaugural address.

Major protests, boycotts, and rallies across the country went on from Thursday until Saturday, throughout Trump’s inauguration. Quite possibly the largest and most notable march, the Women’s March, occurred on Saturday and included the participation of over an estimated 500,000 women in Washington, D.C and 750,000 in Los Angeles. alone. Those who could not make it to Washington, D.C. had other vast options to join a local Women’s March—including individuals who live abroad. The march occurred from California all the way to Germany, Ghana, United Kingdom, Mexico, and more.

While some rallies and protests were in direct response to Trump’s election, the Women’s March did not mention the President’s name in its objective, focusing instead on “[supporting] the advocacy and resistance movements that reflect our multiple and intersecting identities,” and that “women’s rights are human rights.” Taking into consideration of all Women’s Marches across the nation alone, some scholars are stating that the Women’s March has been the largest protest in our country’s history: around 2.9 million individuals participated.  

As a result of the inauguration, millions of people across the world, women and men alike, expressed solidarity with minority communities, displayed support for human rights, marched in resistance to Trump, and shared a common sentiment: Not My President.


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