“I Work Best Under Pressure”

For some of us, we can write amazing essays when given the right amount of time. For others, we know that we can pull out a pretty good essay when it’s 4:32am in the morning and the paper is due online at 8:00am and we haven’t even started yet.

It’s hard to plan out our day, let alone an entire week in advance. That’s why students often end up cramming for their exams the day of the test and typing up their essays the night before they’re due. What motivates people like this, myself included, is the deadline. The ever encroaching deadline creates a sense of urgency and pressure that drives us to create.

Luckily, I work best under pressure, or at least I would like to think so. I’m an English major and I write at least five, six, seven essays every quarter. If I didn’t work well under pressure, then I’d have been dismissed a long time ago.  

However, I sometimes wonder… If I started that essay two days earlier, would that B have been an A? What if it’s the other way around – that the deadline is so powerful a force that it invokes genius inside of me and that I write best when given one?

I really want to find out. So this quarter, for the first time in my collegiate career, I’m going to write one of my English essays days before it is due! In my next “On Writing” blog coming out week nine, I’ll let everyone know if my writing improved when given time to spend on it. Check out my game plan for the next few weeks below!

The Game Plan:

Day 0: Prompt is given out.

Day 0: Think about the prompt.

Day 3: Meet with Prof/TA to discuss.

Day 6: Meet with WSP to discuss!

Day 7: Write outline.

Day 10: Write first draft.

Day 12: Revise essay.

Day 14: Essay is due.

Day 14: Turn in amazing essay!



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