Hmm: A List of Interesting Things/Thoughts I Noticed/Had This Week

During fall quarter, I had the opportunity to read Jennifer Egan’s “Jennifer Egan To Do” at one of WSP’s staff meetings. If you read her list, it’s essentially an outline of what her narrator plans to do in the future. Some of these things the narrator has to do including having to “Pick up kids” and “Investigate poisons.” I was inspired by Egan’s short story and wanted to do something similar, but instead just expressing what I experienced throughout the week and giving complete strangers an intimate glimpse into my life. Without any further adieu, here is “Hmm: A List of Interesting Things/Thoughts I Noticed/Had This Week.”


  1. The week typically starts on Sunday
  2. The work/school week starts on Monday
    1. It’s a shame I don’t start working until Friday
    2. Remember to have fun on Friday
  3. My professor talks really softly
    1. It’s probably because he’s hard of hearing
      1. But then shouldn’t he speak louder?
  4. One hour gaps are the worst
    1. What am I supposed to do for 50 minutes between class
      1. I can’t stand in line and eat and enjoy myself
    2. I’m really hungry right now


  1. 8:30am Dentist
    1. Root canal redo with a crown
    2. My old dentist was terrible
  2. 10:00am Psychiatrist
    1. The Prozac makes me itchy
    2. Well, just keep trying.
      1. 20mg daily is now 40mg daily
  3. 4:00pm Opthamologist
    1. “Your eyes are healthy”
    2. “Your right eye has astigmatism”
      1. It means my eye isn’t perfectly circular
  4. I feel like a sick person
  5. No more -ists this week please


  1. The Pardoner’s Tale
    1. Written by Chaucer
    2. The Canterbury Tales
      1. Relics, indulgences, pardons, questors
      2. You go to purgatory/hell because you lack repentance
      3. God releases you from guilt, not the priest
      4. Women prepare food, men eat it
        1. That’s kind of sexist, no?
      5. Can a bad priest perform indulgences?
        1. Yes


  1. Orange looks good with blue
    1. Are they complements on the color wheel?
    2. Potential for tie dye
  2. Thursday means it’s almost Friday
  3. My roommate’s Sia poster isn’t anatomically correct
    1. The little girl looks hella creepy
  4. I really hate my apartment
    1. It’s gross


  1. It’s Friday
    1. Friday entails fun
    2. Friday entails friends
      1. Some friends are dramatic 😦
  2. Rage’s 14th Anniversary
    1. Gogo Dancers
    2. Pussy Cat Dolls
    3. Prize Raffle
      1. Of course I didn’t win
  3. My friend hits me with a stick
  4. Can my best friend drive in this state…?
    1. Yes. Yes he can.
  5. Andddddd, we’re home!
    1. I like my IKEA bed and mattress



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