How I Overcame My Fear of Writing

I dread opening up a new document on Microsoft Word and seeing that blinking cursor. The blinking just makes me feel like I will never be done and it also makes me feel anxious knowing that I still have a lot of blank space . It has got to be one of my biggest fears. I am here to let you know how I overcame my fear of writing, and will provide you with a list of things that help me get in the mood of writing.

No one ever taught me how to get rid of this fear so I decided to ease my anxiety by finding out what makes me feel better when this moment arises. What I found helpful to do is making an outline, and I know maybe you’re thinking, “then why is she still fearful of the cursor if she has ideas to write”. Let me just say that having an outline and a blinking cursor staring at you is still a challenging for me to do. I first write down what I have in my outline and continue writing, and even if I don’t make an outline I will just write down what I have in mind.

Plain and simple- Just type, type, and continue typing.

Once I start trying, my ideas begin to flow out into my paper.

I have discovered that the following list of items need to be present in order for me to feel more comfortable while I write.

Physical Copy or Online?

Writing an outline, like I had mentioned. However, I need a physical copy of an outline, because if I type it then it makes me feel like I could delete it faster than if I have it written down.

Lights off or dim?

How bright the lights are makes a difference with how good I feel about writing. I know that dimming the lights makes for me at least the writing process more intimate and less scary.


Playing music while I write makes me feel more relaxed depending on the genre, but I know that the writing process becomes serious, which I do not like if I am not listening to music.

Under pressure?

 I have discovered that writing under pressure makes me feel like I am doing a better job.


I would like to challenge you to write down your own list, and learn about how you approach writing; you might just learn something new about your own writing process.


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