Andy’s To Do List

  1. Take a five minute shower.
  2. Put some moco de gorila on my hair.
  3. Skip breakfast
  4. Grab Mac
      1. Keys
      2. Class Notes
      3. Shit! The paper assignment, I can’t forget that!
      4. Dignity
  5. Power walk as fast as you fucken can.
  6. Ignore the sun!
  8. Go through the side not through Bruinwalk.
  10. Take a seat.
  11. Don’t forget to turn in the paper.
  12. Can time go any slower…
  13. Ten minutes left to walk to my other class which is across the fucken campus (:
  14. Chew gum for stomach
  15. Find a seat.
  16. Really? We are watching a film?
  17. Go to apartment to cook something
      1. Quesadillas?
      2. Chorizo con huevos?
      3. I should’ve had some fucken Taco Bell.
  18. Take a nap
  19. Wake up
  20. Read
      1. Honors – four readings by Thursday
      2. Anthro…
      3. Chican@…
  21. Watch Netflix!
  22. Finish entire season by tonight
  23. Should I go clubbing?
  24. To club, or to finish reading A THOUSAND pages tonight?
  25. Call Rosie
  26. Get an Uber

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