Active and Passive Voice

The active and passive verb forms are important when writing papers. Especially when you are writing papers for a class, you want to make sure you are making sense and as specific as possible.

Active sentences are the most common type of sentences. It consists of the subject, which is the thing that is doing the action, and the thing in which it is receiving the action. Active sentences help you be straightforward and hit your point across without adding extra words or fluff that your professor might not want in your papers.

Examples of Active sentences:

John                                studies        for the hard math course he is taking.

( Subject doing action)  (Verb)       (Object Receiving Action)

Hannah and her brother play games to keep themselves entertained.


Passive sentences include the same things such as an active sentence. What differs is that the thing in which is receiving the action, is the subject of the sentence. Usually this structure is used when a person wants to emphasize on the object receiving the action.

Examples of Passive sentences:

The students                            are tired                  of their history professor.

(Subject receiving action)    (Verb)                                    (Doing action)

The chores were done by the mother.

Active sentences are much more common and straightforward when it comes to communicating in English. Whether it be through verbal or written communication, active form is much more forward and effectively understanding compared to passive. If you wish to learn more, check out this link.


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