Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2017

Every March and September, thousands of people attend Beyond Wonderland, an electronic dance festival that began its history seven years ago. The festival usually takes place in Southern and Northern California, with its southern counterpart identified as Beyond SoCal.  Beyond SoCal is to take place March 24-25 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino.

Beyond Wonderland is organized by Insomniac Events, a major American tour  promoter founded in 1993 by Pasquale Rotella. Insomniac has organized other festivals besides Beyond Wonderland, such as Nocturnal Wonderland, Escape, We Are NRG, the Electric Daisy Carnival, and more.

Although Insomniac Events may usually identify its larger events as an electronic dance festival, many individuals prefer to call it a “rave,” due to the culture it is associated with: light shows, PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) approach, shuffling, gloving, and controversial drug usage. Beyond Wonderland is no exception to the rave culture—extravagant light shows, a plethora of various EDM DJs, and a large culture of individuals who practice PLUR can easily be appreciated and observed by many.

Even though Beyond SoCal is rooted in San Bernardino, Beyond Wonderland has spanned its magic across the country in places such as Mountain View, CA and Seattle, WA. In fact, for 2017, Beyond Wonderland expanded its location all the way to Mexico, captivating global fans. An estimated 400,000 fans have experienced Beyond Wonderland since its conception; 70,000 fans attended 2015’s Beyond SoCal.

The event’s lineup is diverse, meeting the satisfaction of people with different tastes and preferences. There are a mix of more than seventy well known and underground artists,  genres ranging from hardcore trap to more laid back trance, which is the undeniable reason for the festival’s large attendance.

Interested in experiences an electronic dance festival, or more commonly put, a rave? Tickets can be found here. (I will be attending!)


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