The Privilege of Undergoing Smooth Transformations

After reading the article, “About a Boy “ by Margaret Talbot I became astonished at how smooth it was for Skylar a fourteen year old girl to transform into an F.T.M. or “female- to-male” transgender person. In my class discussion, I said that Skylar had the privilege that would make this transformation go smoother than others. The article starts off by describing how Skylar grew up in the suburbs and had really loving parents. Then we find out that Skylar began taking testosterone injections are the age of sixteen. According to Cherney’s article, “A Look at Testosterone Injections” the cost for testosterone varies from twenty four dollars to a hundred and twenty dollars per month. Skylar was able to take testosterone every other week, on the other hand people of color who would want to go through this transition might not have the means to do so. Talbot also writes, “Middle-class parents today tend to actively help their children get settled on a path in life, and often subscribe to the notion that “early intervention” is best for all kinds of conditions.” Once again, not all people of color have this economic status or the support of their parents. Skylar’s parents are also educated which contributes to the support that they provide him with.

People of color like Kristy Ramirez do not come from an upbringing like Skylar and do not have the support either. Graulau and Arias’s video, “Survey reveals staggering discrimination and harassment against transgender workers” highlights the discrimination in the workplace that Kristy faces as a transgender person. In the video, Kristy also talks about how even people from her own community shun her because of how she looks. Kristy is now accepted at her workspace but her story is the opposite of Skylar because she has experienced homelessness and a lack of support from her community.

I personally felt that the article about Skylar only provided the audience with one perspective. It failed to provide insight into other transgender folk who do not have the resources and support that Skylar had received at a young age. Being a person of color would have provided the audience with a different narrative like Kristy’s. I believe that transgender issues should be presented in regards to how diverse they are whether that be class, ethnic backgrounds, status…etc. to demonstrate the different narratives that exist and provide a more inclusive and well rounded narrative. It is problematic to have folk believe that it is easy to transition when this is not the case for others.


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