Winter 2017 Finals Week Drop-In Hours

Do you need a little help brushing up your final paper? Would you like some feedback on your job or graduate school applications? Come to WSP! We are offering drop-in hours during finals week for any last-minute questions. This is your last chance to see a writing counselor before the start of winter break. Please look below for more information on our finals week drop-in times: Monday and Tuesday from 11AM to 5PM, and Wednesday from 1PM to 5PM.

Finals week drop-in hours run a little differently from our usual drop-in hours so please read our guidelines below.

  • Sessions will run for about 30 minutes each and you’ll be allowed to sign up for a time slot on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • You can only sign up for one session slot per day.
  • If you are late to your slot time a counselor reserves the right to see another student.
  • Sign-ups will go up 10 minutes before the counselor is scheduled to do drop-ins.
  • Students are free to sign up for a drop-in time after a counselor has put up the sign-up sheet.
  • Please be aware of the time you are allotted and ask specific questions regarding your paper.

These guidelines are in place out of fairness to ensure that we can help as many students as possible during an especially stressful time, so please respect our finals week drop-in guidelines.

WSPWinter2017FinalsWeekDropIns 2 (2)

Study Hall Extra Drop-Ins

In collaboration with SEACLEAR and the CRC study hall program, WSP is hosting special study hall hours. Two of our counselors, Gaby and Monica, will be at CPO’s study hall on Wednesday of Finals Week, March 22 from 7-10PM. It works just like our regular finals week drop-ins, and it is first-come first-serve. Come to the basement room at the Student Activities Center with any papers, resumes, or any of your writing needs!


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