How Do You Approach Getting Out of Writer’s Block?

We’ve all heard of the dreaded writer’s block: the figurative cement wall that blocks our ability to surround ourselves with creative and thoughtful ideas. And like a cement wall, it feels impossible to break through it when we see our mind as something much weaker than it. We groan, we curse, we become frustrated. “Why me?” Is the first question that comes to mind when experiencing writer’s block. But almost every single person goes through it. It’s a natural occurrence and annoyance.

You don’t even have to get me started on the countless words of advice when it comes to bulldozing our way through the cement wall, so to speak. We’ve heard it all: take a break, have a conversation with someone, analyze your content through a different medium, observe nature, sleep, listen to music, change your environment, do other creative work, you name it. Yet we continue to witness more and more articles about how to overcome writer’s block.

To be honest, in my personal perspective, I like to read articles about how to overcome writer’s block – but that’s it. I just like to read them. Rarely do I try out the strategies myself, possibly due to laziness. Or to the fact that maybe 80% of those tips may not work in the end (or so I think), so why bother? Writer’s block not only acts as a wall but acts as a snake; paralyzing, fear-inducing. But what gets me through the stint is the saying, “This too shall pass.” We must remind ourselves, though, that writer’s block is just a block. It won’t last indefinitely, although it feels like it does. The wall will eventually crumble. So while I don’t have any advice to give you, the reader, this post serves more of a challenge I face personally.

I’m interested in hearing more about how you overcome writer’s block. Do you wait for it to pass? Or create a ritual that helps you become the bulldozer?


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