Living With Your Sister In College

“You’re living with your sister?”

I don’t know how many people choose to live with their siblings, especially in college. However, when I mentioned this to people they were surprised. Some even said, “Are you sure you want to do that?” My sisters and I have shared a room for years. I only questioned it once and then laughed because I thought it was silly that people wouldn’t want to share a room with a sibling. I also thought it might have been because we’re in college.


Away from home.

Living at home and living off-campus was different. Away from home, we have to keep each other more accountable. We’re both learning how to cook and we still burn our food sometimes. I love my sisters food the most, even though she doesn’t believe me. She says it’s because I do not season my food (by that she means add a ton of salt). I feel like if she weren’t my roommate I wouldn’t clean as much as I do now, but now I can’t stop seeing  hair everywhere.


Hard times

We did have our bad times but they were not terrible. I did not like her boyfriend. I still kinda don’t but I have learned to keep my peace. I have a hard time looking at someone in the eye and pretending to smile when I know he might make my sister cry again. I mean cry to the point where I have to encourage her to get up, those were hard times for me. I have learned to stay away and I have gone through some changes in my love life as well that have made me think differently. Love sucks.


Good times (:

I love cooking and waiting for my sister to get to the apartment so we can watch Netflix together. We’ve watched Narcos, 3%, Greys Anatomy, and are now watching Empire and Rick and Morty. I am happy when we actually get to cook together. When I come to the apartment after a tough day, I know that I can vent out to her and she will then vent out to me. Ordering take out food, going to the gym together, or taking an uber from Ralphs “lols” have made me grateful to have this experience with my sister.



Things change every quarter. I do not see my sister that often because she joined a sorority. I support her with everything that she does. I might graduate this quarter and will be leaving soon. However, this chapter in my life has made me feel closer to my sister.


And yes, it is possible to live with your siblings – well at least it was for us. ❤ ❤



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