Fitness Improvement Training through Exercise and Diet or [FITTED]  is a student- initiated, student-run program in the Community Programs Office that provides a holistic approach to health, and offers free fitness and free education services.

I interviewed Eve Lahijani who is the registered dietitian for [FITTED] Eats to find out more about this free service.

What is the history of [FITTED] EATS?

Eve: [FITTED] EATS used to be a workshop. It used to be the health-ed portion of [FITTED] and were like noticing, that it actually came to one day that no students showed up and were like what are missing? We know the students love this information once they come but something is not aligning so we sat down one day when the students weren’t there and we brainstormed what is going on and we realized that students wanted a drop-in kind of space if they’re in class all day they don’t want to sit in another class. They wanted to be fun, they wanted to be social and they wanted to be interactive. Those are the things that we promised to do for the next quarter, so what we came up with is instead of it being a class cause it used to be a fifty minute class is we created a fifty minute drop-in session. Where they can drop-in and learn something about wellness. We’re also talking about what are the times that the students love it the best in this class and unanimously is when there’s food, so we also made it have a food component every session so students don’t only learn a new way to prepare something not only do they tasted it but they leave feeling like they got nurtured by [FITTED].

What does it look like when a student walks into [FITTED] EATS?

Eve: There are three main things that they can interact with. They can interact with come and get the food demo and at the food demo they get the food the student who is giving the food is also educated on what they are serving like what is the nutritional benefit, how did they make it, why did they make that choice so its a well rounded thing so they know that it is not just that one granola bar you can also use this granola bar and that granola bar this is just a sample so the student who is giving the food is actually enthusiast and knows something about it. In the next table there is a nutrition topic of the day so one day it might be like nutrition for [FITTED] for getting you know for fitness how to eat well to exercise, another topic might be healthy snacking, another topic might be emotional eating what to do about that so they are cool fun relevant topics. They come sit around the table, I talk about it, I answer their questions then they leave. The next table is a [FITTED] lead activity or discussion topic so it might be from anything from frequently asked questions on the gym or gym how to like how to have proper form, or it might be time management… what ever [FITTED] decides is important to them thats what they do a table on. In the background there is cool music playing (dub step, hip hop…) we are really sensitive about creating a fun environment.

Why should students take advantage of this resource?

Eve: Free food that is also delicious, easy to make and low cost so its easy to replicate. They should also come because it is a community of people so people are making friends and we are excited about that. It’s an informal way to get your wellness questions answered and because it is also at your own pace cause some people stay for the whole hour just because they like the vibe. Some students stop in get the snack and leave cause its made for the student wherever the student is at whatever they want to get out of it.


Check out [FITTED] EATS!

When : Tuesdays, Drop-ins are from 4-4:50pm

Where: Student Activity Center, Conference Room 5 (3rd floor)





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