VegFest Los Angeles 2017

For those who were making it a goal to eat healthier, explore endless vegan food options, or just wanted to see what the vegan culture is all about, VegFest Los Angeles 2017 was the perfect festival to attend. The free admission festival took place from 10:30am-6:30pm on Sunday, April 30th in Woodley Avenue, Encino.

VegFest LA, according to their website, strives to combine “food, fun, and inspiration” to encourage people from all dietary backgrounds to learn more about vegan food and other issues that surround it. Topics that make the vegan culture so important – besides the actual food part – include environmentalism, animal rights, and humanitarian issues.

For the spring quarter, and my last quarter here at UCLA *sniffle*, I made it a goal to work out more often. So far, it’s week 5 and I’ve been keeping up! However, my perspective of obtaining a summer-ready body doesn’t only entail exercising often. Eating healthy is just as important, not only to get the body of my dreams, but to feel and look healthier. I was over feeling sluggish and tired every time I ate out, so I told myself that even though I wasn’t going to attend VegFest, I was going to start eating vegan.

At VegFest, there were thousands of people of all ages. Many were at the festival’s main stage, where there was mostly live music and some speakers, such as Dr. Neal Barnard from George Washington University School of Medicine and Gene Baur, a best-selling author who writes about vegan activism. There was The Vegspiration Tent, where a large concentration of speakers were able to discuss their perspectives of veganism – Steve-O from Jackass was one of the main speakers! Furthermore, there was the Learning Kitchen, a portion of the festival’s venue that was dedicated to showing vegan cooking demonstrations;  Mind-Body-Space, a place for festival-goers to practice yoga, meditation, and more; and the Oasis Beer & Wine Garden.


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