Grammar: Contractions

Contractions could be complicated for students to understand, especially when they sound the same. A contraction is when you make two words shorter by placing an apostrophe between them. Contractions seem to be a popular grammar mistakes that people like to refer or talk about on social media. People often write posts about knowing the difference between “their, they’re, and there.” It’s understandable why people mix such words when they all sound the exact same. It is important to note that contractions are not allowed in academic writing. Instead words should be written in it’s full form. Below are some words that sounds the same and tell the difference with each.

They’re: Contraction of “they are”

EX: They’re coming to pick me up from school in 15 minutes.

Their: referring to someone’s

EX: Someone left their jacket inside my car.

There: An adverb that means in or at that place

EX: There is a restaurant that lets you eat unlimited pasta.


You’re: Contraction of “you are”

EX: You’re going to

Your: Referring to something you own

EX: Your sweater is amazing.


It’s: Contraction of “it is”

EX: It’s getting too late to eat.

Its: Belonging to it. It becomes possessive.

EX: I can see its eyes and cheeks.


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