Long Term English Language Learners

Long term English Language Learners are students that are often times in grades 6-12. These are students that have attended U.S. schools for seven years or more.These are students that often times do not get the necessary resources or attention needed to improve their English in comparison to students that are in elementary school. These students may also have a grasp of English orally and understand it at the point where they seem like native English speakers but it might not be at the academic lengths necessary to pursue higher education. Their oral skills might not translate well in their written communication or even their reading comprehension. Things get lost in translation easily when the right words are not chosen or when it comes to syntax and active voice.

Having the extra necessary assistance that looks at the minor details is important in order for ELL students to address such issues. Having that one on one support from teachers in grades 6-12 are essential in preparing for higher education. Such as grammar refreshers and being able to delve into an essay that thoroughly explains in where their writing can improve is essential. Having teachers, tutors, and/or mentors that understand such knowledge about such issues and are open to offer that necessary extra assistance is crucial.

I often find myself having to refresh my grammar skills as an English Language Learner. I often times even doubt whether I am correct or not and even believe that my writing is not as well articulated as I want. I unfortunately went to under resourced high school that did not give English help for newly arrived students in the first place so I could not get much assistance as a long term ELL student. The funding goes into another in depth topic of education and the resources necessary. The question is, how do we ensure that ELL college students get the assistance and resources now? We are fortunate at UCLA to have a place that does assist ELL students but how could those resources be integrated on other campuses.


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