Dear Grandma,

January 7th, 2013


I just got my period today and it’s not normal for a ten- year old girl, because my older cousins just got theirs. I got out of the bathroom and told mom, “I got my period” with a confused look on my face. She just laughed because when my cousins got their periods they would cry. I did not think much of it, except that I did think about you for the first time in a long time. I asked mom what she did when she got her period and she told me that you wouldn’t talk to her about what steps she should take. Instead, she said that you just handed her a rag. I asked mom, “A rag for what?” Mom said that there were no pads in Mexico. I felt bad for mom because I was able to ask her questions about being a “woman” and she couldn’t do that with you. That’s when I decided to write letters to you because I want you to get to know me and I want to get to know you. 

P.S. I don’t really know what to write to you about so I will begin with the basics.

The granddaughter you will never meet,


May 10th, 2013

Happy mother’s day. Today mom wasn’t all that happy even though it’s mother’s day. As I walked home from school, my friend Cielo talked about how she was gonna have a food gathering with her family and she mentioned her grandma. This made me think about you. I kicked a beer can as I passed the liquor store which reminded me of father and I wondered if he had bought mom anything. It turns out he didn’t. When I got home, I said happy mother’s day to mom and hugged her. I wish we were rich so I could have ordered those fruit flowers that I saw on a commercial last night and a necklace from that other commercial I watched last night Stacy’s or was it Tiffany’s? Man I don’t know but mom should at least get a present. Did grandpa buy you anything or at least pick flowers for you?



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