ICE Raids

The political climate in the United States has been a bit strange and hostile. Since Trump has taken over as president, his xenophobic speeches and promises have slowly become a reality (or are in the process of becoming a reality). His plight against the undocumented community, specifically Latino undocumented immigrants has risen since his inauguration.

It is easy to look at your local news or pull up a news website with some type of immigration raid happening all over the country. From immigration raids occurring at courts in Pasadena to restaurants in Ann Arbor, there’s a new danger that comes with such raids. With the possibility of ICE raids at courthouses, people can be afraid of going or testifying. This could change the way in which cases outcome result in.  ICE raids occurring in people’s jobs is also another fear tactic.

There is a new form of hostility in this country that makes it difficult for people to live their daily lives. With almost 200 people getting captured by ICE within the week in LA, it seems as it becomes routine. With stereotypes often times being what leads to immigration raids or arrests, things do not seem to become easier. On the contrary, questions of our daily lives getting used to such xenophobia arise. Will things get worse?


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