The Moon in Our Lives

*Credit goes to PascalChampion for the blog cover and for the piece I based it off of

Instead of creating a scenario in my head, I like to find writing prompts that guide me into creating a more complex story. Creativity out of nothing doesn’t come easily for me, so having a prompt set up for me is the way I like to go. For this week’s exposition, I used this art piece to create a short piece about a moment in time. Enjoy!


I turned around to stare at him. His small smile and his brown eyes twinkled against the caress of the moonlight like a firefly contrasted against the dark. “Tonight is it,” he whispered, gazing to the side of the cliff, into the dark blue depths of the water. His words were only affirmed by the size of the moon; the moon that waxed and waned until our arrival. Its reflection in the water constantly moved by the gentle waves, as if it were a finger beckoning us to join.

“Tonight is it,” I repeated. There was a reason his smile and eyes continued to glow by the second. His arrival into this world was not something I asked for, nor was it a desire that ever entered my mind. But day by day, month by month, I felt my heart emptying out everything to make space for him. But my heart had only so much room.

There was one thing that did have room though – for the both of us. I turned my back to him and looked at the intensity of the moon. I observed the small craters, the small holes, on its surface. Stepping forward, I breathed in deeply, welcoming how much the fate of my life had changed because of him. We were ready.

“Three, two, one…” I jumped.

And as the both of them met the reflection in the water, the imperfection of the moon, it’s bumps and craters, softened out and the moonlight became even brighter.


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