Humor Online: McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Here’s a problem that has plagued literature lovers through the years: you like reading, but books are expensive. How do you satisfy your bibliophilia if you don’t have money?

While the library used to be the go-to place for penny-pinching readers in the past, the Internet is the modern poor reader’s lifeblood. From blogs to poetry to short stories to full-length novels, the Internet makes available a plethora of reading materials for cheap or even free. In addition, you can read up on all kinds of writers — enthusiasts, published authors, and the classics.

I ran across McSweeney’s Internet Tendency as I was perusing the Internet for fun things to read. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is a daily humor website run by a publishing company in San Francisco (also called McSweeney’s). It is a collection of articles with titles such as Welcome to Our Design Studio, Where You’ll Never See the Light of Day But You Can Bring Your Dog and I’m Comic Sans, Asshole. Its humor can be described as somewhere between quirky and cutting.

I wanted to highlight this website especially because of its diverse range of contributors and consistent high quality posts. It is a rare article published by McSweeney’s that fails to make me laugh or at least scoff. If you are looking for free short literature to tickle your funny bone, I recommend checking out McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.


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