The Writing SUCCESS Program and How It Prepares Your Future

Crazy to imagine that two years ago, my former boss Dennis Santiago, office manager and internship director, was trying to convince me to apply to WSP. I felt very doubtful because I really did not know much about academic writing. I was a creative writer but even then I had a hard time claiming that title. Fortunately I received the job and joined the team as a Writing and Creativity Counselor and was again fortunate enough to join as an English Language Learner Counselor and the High School Outreach/Personal Insight Workshop Coordinator. I have come a long way from when I first found out I received the job.

To be able to have different roles in WSP has been both challenging but I think a very necessary experience. I have learned a lot about what it means to be a professional and to interact with others outside of my peers. I have had the ability to work with high school students that are basically a different generation and I have also had the opportunity to work with older folks. Everybody is so different in the way they are and think. It’s all quite fascinating and necessary when going into the real world.

I never really thought of myself as a professional. When you’re a first generation student and you don’t have anybody in your family that’s an actual “professional,” it’s quite difficult. I honestly do not know how to network and have finally gotten a bit of guts to talk to others and follow up with them. I know I have done a lot of work but I never quite felt so filled or like I was doing much. Working with others and overseeing different components has honestly given me the confidence that’s necessary to complete any job.

I truly believe that being a professional consists 70% confidence and 30% actually doing work. Gaining the confidence necessary to complete a project or to interact with others is so vital. I believe it’s the force that actually helps you complete your tasks.

I honestly wish I thought of this like that when I first started. I wish I had the same drive and confidence. I probably did do a good job my first year but if you do not feel that confidence it can be quite hard. This year feels quite different. I do hope that whoever joins this team next year or in the near future thinks of WSP and where it will take them. WSP takes you wherever you want to go. It is wherever you want it to go. So take advantage and buckle down for an amazing ride.


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