What’s Happening at UCLA this Summer?

UCLA is bringing on the heat this summer. The Bruin campus has been abuzz with activity lately with two professional soccer teams practicing, Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Sports Awards, freshman orientation sessions, a plethora of summer camps, and even an unfounded bomb threat.

With so much going on, campus security has stepped it up a notch, leaving some students frustrated with the disturbances. UCLA has blocked off parts of campus around Drake Stadium, where soccer team Manchester United is practicing, and the Student Activities Center, where the changing rooms are located. For Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Sports Awards, the area around Pauley Pavilion and Wilson Plaza were fenced off, forcing students to walk around the blockade to get to class.

Manchester United and Real Madrid are to spend two and a half weeks training in LA during their preseason tour. The Manchester team arrived July 10 and will stay until 22, while Real Madrid will be on campus July 12-27. Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho praised Westwood’s facilities saying, “Here we have everything. The facilities are very good. The organization is very good. Since 2004 I am still searching for the first mistake. The first mistake never arrived. It’s amazing.”

You can find information about the teams’ upcoming matches in this UCLA newsroom article.

The long-feuding teams have gotten into a dispute over their summer arrangements after picking the same city as their base. United seems to have won, however, as they secured the Beverly Wilshire and Montage as their team hotels, with their own outside swimming pool. United is also using the bigger and more private training pitches at Drake Stadium, closer to the changing rooms.

On the night of July 12, UCLA experienced a brief scare when someone called in a bomb threat at Sunset Canyon Recreation Center near the dorms. Dorm residents were evacuated to Drake Stadium as police searched the recreation center with bomb-detecting dogs. UCLA’s Bruin Alert system warned other students to remain indoors. The investigation concluded 2 hours later after searches turned up nothing

There were a range of residents among the evacuees, from pre-dental students to young children who were staying in the dorms for summer programs and sports camps. Many of the kids were crying from fear during the evacuation.

The bomb threat occurred just hours after the conclusion of the first new student orientation cohort.


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