Janet Brown Scholarship Recipient Essay: David Nguyen

Every year, the Writing Success Program and the Community Program’s Office awards student leaders who have encountered financial barriers, a scholarship in honor of our founding director, Janet E. Brown. We asked applications for the story behind the most meaningful object in their lives. Read down before for this recipient’s story: My most meaningful object is the acceptance letter to the UCLA McNair Scholars Program, … Continue reading Janet Brown Scholarship Recipient Essay: David Nguyen

Daily Tidbit: Mark Vonnegut

“Art is lunging forward without certainty about where you are going or how to get there, being open to and dependent on what luck, the paint, the typo, the dissonance, give you. Without art you’re stuck with yourself as you are and life as you think life is.” – Mark Vonnegut Today, May 11th, is Mark Vonnegut’s birthday! Born in 1947, he is an American … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Mark Vonnegut

In American Politics, How Do We Choose Who to Help?

Humans are social creatures; we are always trying to please someone, whether they be a boss, a friend, a crush, or a stranger. The hard part is choosing WHO we want to make happy because it’s impossible to please everyone. Conflict doesn’t occur simply because one individual decides it would be a good idea to argue with another. Instead, as social psychologist Kurt Lewin point … Continue reading In American Politics, How Do We Choose Who to Help?

It Is In Mortality That We Learn About Life

On Monday morning as I traipsed to class, I happened to glance at an advertisement about the charms of the anthropology major: “It is in mortality that we learn about life.” Odd, but somehow, the statement commanded verity. I nodded mentally in acknowledgement and continued past the poster. The rest of the day wore on with classes, chores, meetings, and work. By the time I … Continue reading It Is In Mortality That We Learn About Life

Character Creation

Make characters that jump off the page and wag their finger at you; characters that lead armies into epic battles on your coffee table or cuddle up on your shoulder for a quick nap; characters that pilot jet planes in circle-eights around your head or trek into the great unknown called Underthebed with just a backpack. Your characters should come alive, enthralling your readers. Your … Continue reading Character Creation

Love Is Contradictory

How is your relationship with your parents? My parents are my greatest allies, wisest mentors, and most enduring supporters. At the same time, they can also be the most frustrating debaters, savage critics, and a huge source of stress and worry. They are both open and secretive — I have known them since my birth, and yet they are two of the most mysterious people … Continue reading Love Is Contradictory

Where to Go for Your Copy of the 2017-18 UCLA Common Book

UCLA’s campus advocates for first-year students, First Year Experience, has begun distributing the 2017-18 UCLA Common Book. Unlike in previous years, in which books were handed out during New Student Orientation, the books will be distributed at several pop-up sites around campus between January 10 to February 12. Many of these pop-ups will facilitate a discussion on the themes of family, immigration, trauma, identity, and … Continue reading Where to Go for Your Copy of the 2017-18 UCLA Common Book

WSP Brings In Professionalism

The Writing Success Program is starting a brand new category on the topic of professionalism. This category is designed to help you find success in your professional lives. Blog posts in this category will consist of tips on professional writing, interviewing, applying to graduate and professional schools, and how to gain desirable skills and experiences to build your resume — all knowledge you need to … Continue reading WSP Brings In Professionalism

I Love You, Harabeoji

What is my heart’s deepest desire? “When you look at a person, any person, everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed their life. Anxiety, depression and panic attacks are not signs of weakness. They are signs of trying to remain strong for way too long.” – Deepika Padukone My heart’s deepest desire is stories. I love reading and writing, but … Continue reading I Love You, Harabeoji

Daily Tidbit: 2D/4D Ratio

The 2D/4D ratio is the measurement of the length of the index finger (2nd digit) divided by the length of the ring finger (4th digit). This ratio is used as a proxy in sex research for prenatal testosterone exposure in humans and several other species including rats. Higher prenatal testosterone levels correlate with a lower 2D/4D ratio (with individual differences), which means that women tend … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: 2D/4D Ratio