Identifying with ESL or ELL: Knowing the Difference

Telling the difference between ESL and ELL could be difficult for some people. ESL was most commonly used in the past (especially when I was growing up), and ELL has become the term to use in recent times. ESL is the acronym for English as a Second Language. This was what I commonly knew as I was placed in ESL classes during my first three … Continue reading Identifying with ESL or ELL: Knowing the Difference

Books on Immigrant Experiences

Drown by Junot Diaz Junot Diaz’s debut short story collection follows snippets of the main character, Yunior. Set in the Dominican Republic and New Jersey, these stories show the coming of age of a young Dominican immigrant. Snippets of his family life that have formed who he becomes, shows the complexities of being human. After reading Drown, make sure to follow up with The Brief … Continue reading Books on Immigrant Experiences

U.S. Classroom Culture

U.S. classroom culture could be difficult to get used to. There may be some differences between the classroom settings and expectations compared to many other countries. One of the common expectations is student participation. Being able to discuss and critically think with other students and the professor is essential. The dynamic in where the teacher teaches the student and the students just listens has expanded. … Continue reading U.S. Classroom Culture

Adjusting to English, Oakland, and America

English could be a quite complicated language. As an English language learner myself, I don’t remember much of my experience learning the language as I was fortunate enough to have started my education at a very young age. Learning at a younger age gave me the ability to adjust and adapt at a rapid pace as studies often show that the younger you are when … Continue reading Adjusting to English, Oakland, and America