“Delhi, India, June 2018”

This story was written as a segment of a podcast I recently wrote and recorded, entitled “Pas De Garçon” (No Boys). During one of my segments, my partner and I read our respective stories–we both wrote about women before the night of their weddings, while her story focused on a Southern woman, mine was from the perspective of an Indian woman. The aim of our … Continue reading “Delhi, India, June 2018”

Ensure that…

Ensure that…. Mutual respect exists between us We are both independent and autonomous, and working on our own self-actualization We both try to do things for each other, but that we ultimately still respect ourselves above anything Our personalities are compatible We both have a growth mindset We’re both open to new ideas and insight that will help us build intimacy We know how to … Continue reading Ensure that…

It Is In Mortality That We Learn About Life

On Monday morning as I traipsed to class, I happened to glance at an advertisement about the charms of the anthropology major: “It is in mortality that we learn about life.” Odd, but somehow, the statement commanded verity. I nodded mentally in acknowledgement and continued past the poster. The rest of the day wore on with classes, chores, meetings, and work. By the time I … Continue reading It Is In Mortality That We Learn About Life

Love Is Contradictory

How is your relationship with your parents? My parents are my greatest allies, wisest mentors, and most enduring supporters. At the same time, they can also be the most frustrating debaters, savage critics, and a huge source of stress and worry. They are both open and secretive — I have known them since my birth, and yet they are two of the most mysterious people … Continue reading Love Is Contradictory

A Letter to my Future Self: Goals and Reminders for the Next Five Years

Dear Estrella, As you embark on your late twenties, I hope that you will have accomplished a lot, and I hope that you are happy and healthy. I hope that you do not lose track of what is important to you and that you are able to do the work that is meaningful to you and your contribution to this world. I hope that by … Continue reading A Letter to my Future Self: Goals and Reminders for the Next Five Years

Archive: You’re Such a Diva

This is an archived post from February 9, 2017, written by Gaby Cuevas,   “What’s a diva?” “A what?” “A diva.” “Velvita?” “No. A diva.” “A diva?! You know like a diva. A princess boujee diva.” *** I don’t think I’ve ever been called a diva. But that’s probably because I’ve been called dramatic. And I am VERY dramatic. My drink isn’t great. It’s amazingly … Continue reading Archive: You’re Such a Diva

Things to Eat and Do at Fengjia Night Market

I really wanted to go out. I spent the entire day inside, avoiding the oppressive and wet heat outside. No matter how much I begged, my mom refused to come with me to the night market. “You’re 12 now. You can take the bus there yourself.” The idea of taking the bus alone at night in a foreign country frightened me, but my craving for … Continue reading Things to Eat and Do at Fengjia Night Market

Reducing Commitments as a Form of Self-Care

Being incredibly busy all the time will burn anyone out, and overworking yourself can cause you to harm yourself and your health. As students, we have to maintain busy schedules to earn our majors, work a job, or to get into grad school, but we also need to ensure that we are not affecting our health during the process.   You often hear about self-care … Continue reading Reducing Commitments as a Form of Self-Care