Living With Your Sister In College

“You’re living with your sister?” I don’t know how many people choose to live with their siblings, especially in college. However, when I mentioned this to people they were surprised. Some even said, “Are you sure you want to do that?” My sisters and I have shared a room for years. I only questioned it once and then laughed because I thought it was silly … Continue reading Living With Your Sister In College

Let’s Do a Mindfulness Exercise

First, just look up. A minute, even thirty seconds will do. What do you see? Right now, I’m in a library. The ceiling is a high eight-sided rotunda. Eight isosceles triangles curve gently up to meet at a twelve-pointed star in the middle. The surface is rough stucco, the color burnt orange. A light rose-colored strip of plaster rims the eight sides of the ceiling. … Continue reading Let’s Do a Mindfulness Exercise

Under the Starry Sky

Under the empty sky, I lay down my head and look up. My eyes scan left and right, up and down to try and find the thousands of twinkling bright stars I’m always promised in nature pictures. I find only a few stars—possibly the Big Dipper and the North Star. Everything else is shrouded in the darkness; an occasional airplane here, some flashing lights there. … Continue reading Under the Starry Sky

Hmm: A List of Interesting Things/Thoughts I Noticed/Had This Week

During fall quarter, I had the opportunity to read Jennifer Egan’s “Jennifer Egan To Do” at one of WSP’s staff meetings. If you read her list, it’s essentially an outline of what her narrator plans to do in the future. Some of these things the narrator has to do including having to “Pick up kids” and “Investigate poisons.” I was inspired by Egan’s short story … Continue reading Hmm: A List of Interesting Things/Thoughts I Noticed/Had This Week

Exposition: Peaches and Roses

“Are you sure it’s here?” Clementina’s mom said, pulling into a parking lot full of yellow shirts. Dozens of young high school graduates like herself were already lining up at the sign-in table, waiting for their room assignments. “Yes, Mom.” Clementina said, in a voice that was trying to hide her frustration. She had been in a car for 3 hours and in her hurry … Continue reading Exposition: Peaches and Roses

A villanelle about learning how to love again

I wrote the following villanelle – a highly structured poem of 19 lines – for young women who are struggling to love and appreciate their bodies, just as I have struggled. Women of all ages are constantly exposed to images and literature via media that portray successful women as thin, toned, and flawless, which are not only unreasonable expectations, but often are impossible to achieve. This … Continue reading A villanelle about learning how to love again

“A Night in the Life”

This school year marks the halfway point of my undergraduate career. In two more years, I’ll be out in the real world, either living in my mother’s basement or working for a company I feel passionate about (I’m hoping for the latter). For many students, the resounding indicator of our success and self-worth has been our grades. Ever since the checks and star pluses of … Continue reading “A Night in the Life”

A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

Dear Pegah, Sometimes   Actually, most of the time I always think about how I used to act As a teenager In the middle 5 years away from being an adult And 5 years since being a little girl   Immature, selfish, self-conscious Fearful, small, malleable   But also   Curious, wide-eyed, naïve Ambitious, valued, genuine   I see myself walk around school With my … Continue reading A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

Muted Stains and Chili Flakes

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce – a staple of Thai cuisine; take a spoonful of the savory-sweet seasoning and use it to dress your veggies in a red-chili-speckled attire. This versatile dipping sauce will give a kick to your stir-fry’s, jazz up your dumplings, and add a dash of sweet and sour goodness to any appetizer of your choosing. Try dipping your egg rolls in it … Continue reading Muted Stains and Chili Flakes