What’s in Your Trunk?: What’s in My Bullet Journal?

One of my 2020 resolutions was revisiting some of my creative outlets; one of them being bullet journaling. Bullet journaling was a habit I had back in first year. It was a combination of productivity and creativity. Through the years, I was able to adapt more of a personal aspect in my bullet journal. Instead of just using it to track deadlines, dates, and assignments, … Continue reading What’s in Your Trunk?: What’s in My Bullet Journal?

Humans of CPO — Michelle Tran

Up next on our Humans of CPO is Michelle Tran who is SEA CLEAR’s Assistant Project Director. Learn more about her and remember to check out SEA CLEAR’s Spring Internship Applications! Describe your current self in three words.  Caffeinated, reflective, and ambitious.  What are you currently involved in? What motivates you?  I am the internship coordinator for SEA CLEAR, a family head for SEASoN conference, … Continue reading Humans of CPO — Michelle Tran

Exposition: My Repurposed Beanie Baby Lunchbox

And now for a bit of #WhatsInYourTrunk: Dear readers, For those of you that know me I usually bust out a Beanie Babies lunchbox where I’m taking out my things. Have you ever asked why? Well, last year after carrying around a bunch of miscellaneous things I needed for my life — packing tape for packages, an wireless mouse, medication, pencils (recently crayons), and a … Continue reading Exposition: My Repurposed Beanie Baby Lunchbox

Exposition: Humans of CPO – Amber Candelaria

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Amber Candelaria is a 4th year, Biology major. This year she serves the community as the Samahang Pilipino Education and Retention Peer Counseling Coordinator. Through this interview, I got a glimpse of the sweet side that her loved ones adore about her. Describe your day so far using taste. My day has been sweet! Some of my family … Continue reading Exposition: Humans of CPO – Amber Candelaria

What’s In Your Trunk: My Joy-Sparking Playlist

10 songs, 36 minutes, play them and I’m yours. That’s right, I have a hype playlist (Who doesn’t?) which includes all of my most favorite songs. The songs all share a common thread — each one is contagiously happy, never failing to make me smile or pick me up when I’m feeling down. For me, these songs are quite fittingly “in my trunk,” as I … Continue reading What’s In Your Trunk: My Joy-Sparking Playlist

Intersextionality: Sex and Culture

“Don’t let boys ruin your life. School should come first. Girls who play with boys are shameful,” my mom said to me when I was in middle school.  I would hear these words frequently years later, especially when she was mad at my dad, and the harsh connotations of her statements would be blurred by the softness of her Fujianese dialect each time. Only now, … Continue reading Intersextionality: Sex and Culture

Exposition: #WhatsInYourTrunk My Laptop Stickers

I’m a big fan of customizing things. Stickers, patches, buttons — my favorite things. Upon getting my first very own computer, I as obviously noted have taken a liberty in decorating the back of my MacBook Air with a few stickers. It makes me sad that I am running out of room. I’ll explain a few of them: the Best Buy sticker is ironic in … Continue reading Exposition: #WhatsInYourTrunk My Laptop Stickers

What’s in Your Trunk: Cooking Positive Thoughts

The past three weeks have been some of the worst for me. It seems like bad luck keeps piling up at the same time and speed that work does. Before the school year even started, I lost one of my friends because of miscommunication and after going to New York for a week, I came home to a flood of overdue emails and responses that … Continue reading What’s in Your Trunk: Cooking Positive Thoughts

Exposition: Stubborn Love

Exposition: Stubborn Love She won’t listen! Don’t know what I’m missin’. Try as you might, I’ve lost this fight. She’s so stubborn Though it really burns… Talk to her, yell at her To her, it’s all a blur. The sun always rises And you can see it in her irises-  The pain and the tears; It goes on for years. But she’s so stubborn Even … Continue reading Exposition: Stubborn Love

Exposition: Hawaii (Me and You)

Exposition- Hawaii (Me and You) Kitchen dinner Sad and stressed Who would have thought? Me and you Let’s go.  Crazy one Crazy two Don’t think twice Let’s call a third one too- Down? The three of us Me and you Let’s go. Beach vibes  Great life Me and you Let’s go. IDs and plane tickets, More and more friends, Now we’re nine. Vamos. Me and … Continue reading Exposition: Hawaii (Me and You)

Exposition: The Masochist

The Masochist Our muscles ache after running But we don’t mind, it’s mind-numbing, Helps us forget the gut-wrenching feeling of a heart that’s breaking. The physical pain masks the mental ache, it gets rid of memories we can’t shake. We’re broken creatures who seek what leads to pain, an unaware want. We are all like moths to a flame, ‘Cause no one is really to … Continue reading Exposition: The Masochist

Exposition: Sweet Lies

Sweet Lies Every woman has loved a liar And they’re liars too if they say they haven’t. Princess dreams, pink sheets, and pretty flowers All die, stain, and rot the second he opens his mouth. We buy empty promises and harmful lies, We become compulsive buyers around impulsive liars. In a dark night surrounded by empty bottles of  Whiskey, Tequila, and Rum,  I’m lost and … Continue reading Exposition: Sweet Lies

Exposition: The Wo’s of Today

The Wo’s of Today The women of the past cried were Silent Obedient Submissive That’s how we ought to be. Being born a woman wasn’t enough, We had classes that taught us how to be ‘women’: We were taught how to iron, cook, serve, and please men. Our cultures only enforced us to be wives and mothers, Never students or doctors or lawyers. They told … Continue reading Exposition: The Wo’s of Today

Exposition: The Life of the Summer Ant

The Life of the Summer Ant Bzz.bzz.bzz. Open one eye. Next the other. Off. Heavy sigh. Deep breath. Lose the mental battle.  Oh hell, five more minutes. Maybe ten. Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Alright. I hear you.  Up. Up. Up.  Dance in the shower to no music.  Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold.  Hop in. Jump out. In. Out. Need to get that darn boiler fixed.  Now to … Continue reading Exposition: The Life of the Summer Ant

Exposition: The First Last Kiss- A Short Story

The First Last Kiss- A Short Story “Grams,” Vivian asked, looking up from setting the dinner table. I watch her doubt herself for a second and then regain the courage to ask me, “What was your biggest regret?” I look up from lighting the candle and stare at her wide-eyed. What an odd question. And very random too. I simply smile and move to help … Continue reading Exposition: The First Last Kiss- A Short Story