Winter Welcome and Updates

Dear Readers, I cordially welcome you back to another quarter with us. As we look forward into a new quarter and a new year, I would like to remind you of a few things regarding the Writing Success Program and our blog. ESL/ELL Counselor This quarter we are welcoming back one of our previous counselors, Monica Mendoza, to the team. She is taking up the … Continue reading Winter Welcome and Updates

Don’t Despair. Don’t Cry. Don’t Give Up.

Hello Dear Readers, The results from last night’s election were heartbreaking. Many of my peers have said that they no longer feel safe walking outside or that they are disgusted and ashamed about their country’s compatriots. I understand. I am with you. If you are one of the many constituents who Trump disgraced, mocked, and otherwise discriminates against you have valid reasons to feel betrayed and … Continue reading Don’t Despair. Don’t Cry. Don’t Give Up.

Introducing the Weekend Writing Warrior!

Hello Dear Readers, I am elated to announce that WSP is launching a new project called the Weekend Writing Warrior (WWW). From this week onwards, I will post a new prompt that everyone and anyone is invited to answer. Each Friday, the prompt will go up on our blog and our Facebook page at 5 PM, and will be “live” until the next prompt is posted the following week.* Writers may answer the … Continue reading Introducing the Weekend Writing Warrior!

First Note: Hello

Hello. I am Haesoo Kim, the Communications Coordinator for WSP and, by extension, the content editor for our blog The Waterhole. This new category, Notes From the Editor, came about as a result of our staff more than doubling in size since WSP was founded 15 years ago. Now that we have enough counselors for the 5 daily themed posts per week, I, as the content editor, no … Continue reading First Note: Hello