Fitness Improvement Training through Exercise and Diet or [FITTED]  is a student- initiated, student-run program in the Community Programs Office that provides a holistic approach to health, and offers free fitness and free education services. I interviewed Eve Lahijani who is the registered dietitian for [FITTED] Eats to find out more about this free service. What is the history of [FITTED] EATS? Eve: [FITTED] EATS used to … Continue reading [FITTED] EATS

Celebrating Diversity Through Culture Nights

UCLA is home to a wide array of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Located in Los Angeles, which is quite appropriately known as a multi-cultural melting pot, UCLA boasts a special claim to fame as one of the most diverse schools in the nation. Diversity is one of UCLA’s core values because it allows the school “to provide a broad, enriching educational experience that … Continue reading Celebrating Diversity Through Culture Nights

Spring Sing: A UCLA Tradition

For many people, spring invokes images of blooming flowers, pastel Easter eggs, and beautiful weather. However, for UCLA students, the spring excites and enthralls those who love live music and discovering new talent. For us, this final quarter of the school years marks the coming of Spring Sing, the school’s annual music competition. Spring Sing finds its inception way back in 1945 when the event … Continue reading Spring Sing: A UCLA Tradition

What’s Happening: Staying Fit From Week 1

Staying Fit From Week 1 On this glorious return to UCLA (I’m sure many of us would have loved if Spring Break was just a tiny bit longer) many of us are trying to start off with a clean slate. We haven’t yet fallen behind on our readings (hopefully) or lost all hope of finishing the quarter with a perfect GPA. We are squeaky clean … Continue reading What’s Happening: Staying Fit From Week 1

Bach Underground

Johann Sebastian Bach is coming back to life this weekend. From March 18th-21st, musicians will be performing at public train stations across the globe to share the under-appreciated beauty of classical music with the public. Every year for Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday on March 21st, a community of musicians unite to share and express the beauty of classical music by performing in public train stations. … Continue reading Bach Underground

Event Recap – Underground Undergrads: 10 Yrs of Resistance Through Storytelling

Last night’s event and celebration of the ten year anniversary of Underground Undergrads: ucla undocumented immigrant students speak out had a lot of great speakers that left the audience with hope and a willingness to share their own stories. I will be writing a recap of the event, in case you missed out. First, let me tell you a little bit about what the book … Continue reading Event Recap – Underground Undergrads: 10 Yrs of Resistance Through Storytelling

Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2017

Every March and September, thousands of people attend Beyond Wonderland, an electronic dance festival that began its history seven years ago. The festival usually takes place in Southern and Northern California, with its southern counterpart identified as Beyond SoCal.  Beyond SoCal is to take place March 24-25 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. Beyond Wonderland is organized by Insomniac Events, a major American … Continue reading Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2017

#GrammysSoWhite: The Music Industry’s Race Problem

On Sunday, February 12, the 59th annual Grammy Awards took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. A Grammy award is known for being the highest honor an artist can achieve in the music industry. However, in years of late, the awards ceremony has been criticized for its alleged racial biases. During the 2014 Grammy Awards, Macklemore won a grammy for best rap … Continue reading #GrammysSoWhite: The Music Industry’s Race Problem

Mindful Awareness at the Hammer Museum

Home to dynamic exhibitions, live performances, and more, the Hammer Museum is the ideal space for anyone searching for cultural and artistic enrichment. There’s always something new to look forward to, as the Hammer Museum hosts a wide variety of speakers and events almost every week for audiences and participants of all ages. While you may be aware of the Hammer’s contemporary art displays and … Continue reading Mindful Awareness at the Hammer Museum

Retention with RAIN!

One of the six retention projects in the Community Programs Office is RAIN! which stands for Retention for American Indians Now! Thalia, the Project Director recommended Kaiya to be my counselor because she is a transfer student like me. After having a session with Kaiya the Peer Counselor Coordinator for RAIN!, I asked her if I could interview her in order to allow others to become more aware … Continue reading Retention with RAIN!

Recap on Trump’s Inauguration

This past week, on the events of Trump’s inauguration, massive protests and rallies were seen throughout the nation — fueled by anger and resistance in response to a controversial election. Nearly fifty House Democrats refused to witness the inauguration, and hundreds of thousands of Americans marched in streets in protest to Trump’s presidency and to fight for fundamental human rights. Celebrities joined in solidarity as … Continue reading Recap on Trump’s Inauguration

The Resurgence of Vogue Dance

It isn’t a surprise that UCLA has a strong and thriving dance community when the school boasts a student body of over 40,000 students. Groups like ACA Hip Hop exist for competitive dancers and organizations like Foundations Choreography exist for complete beginners. The abundance of hip hop and contemporary dance groups at UCLA allows for anyone to get into the art form. Though hip hop … Continue reading The Resurgence of Vogue Dance

Proposition 64: Legal Recreational Marijuana Use In California

On Tuesday night, residents of California learned the results of the elections, and with that, the legalization of recreational marijuana usage. Proposition 64 passed with 56.2% of the vote, while the other 43.8% voted no on its legalization. Specifically within the Los Angeles county, the prop passed with 58.3% of the vote. Proposition 64 legalizes recreational marijuana use; however, there are various rules and regulations … Continue reading Proposition 64: Legal Recreational Marijuana Use In California

The Great Los Angeles Walk 2016

If you happen to be planning a stroll down Pico Boulevard this upcoming Saturday afternoon, be prepared to cross paths with several hundred sunhat and Jansport backpack-donning passersby participating in the Great Los Angeles Walk of 2016. The trek takes place every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving weekend. Its proximity to the national holiday provides an incentive to participate – why not work off … Continue reading The Great Los Angeles Walk 2016

Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, a long-standing franchise that has influenced every facet of American pop culture, from music to art to books to film. It would prove very difficult to find a young adult who hasn’t heard of Pokemon in some way or form in today’s world. In fact, with the meteoric rise of the Pokemon Go mobile application this summer, … Continue reading Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary

Prop 62: Fighting to Repeal the Death Penalty in the State of California

On November 8th, U.S. citizens will have the opportunity to vote in arguably the most critical election in American history. Regardless of the outcome, the 2016 election will be regarded by generations to come as one of the most controversial and extreme elections seen in the U.S. Seriously this rivalry can challenge the late 1700s dispute between Hamilton and Jefferson. (If it doesn’t ring a … Continue reading Prop 62: Fighting to Repeal the Death Penalty in the State of California

Haitians are Urging People Not to Donate to the American Red Cross

When a string of reports surfaced about the American Red Cross in 2015 regarding the $500 million they had raised in donations after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, people were outraged: Out of the half a billion dollars the American Red Cross had managed to fundraise, only six permanent homes were built for victims of the earthquake. After ARC promised to rebuild homes and … Continue reading Haitians are Urging People Not to Donate to the American Red Cross

Opening Hammer Projects: Nicolas Party

Promptly at 12:30pm last Wednesday, Ali Subotnick, curator, led an open discussion about artist Nicolas Party – the man responsible for the art on display in the Hammer Museum’s newest exhibit, which was set to open that morning. The conversation lasted only 15 minutes, but it sparked further discussion on  modern art and design, and the limits of conventional artistic methods – limits which Party … Continue reading Opening Hammer Projects: Nicolas Party

In Case You Missed the First Presidential Debate

I will not be reviewing the entire presidential debate, if that’s what you’re thinking. However, I will bullet-point main issues that were highlighted during the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I will present a brief overview of each presidential candidate’s response to the questions that were posed during the presidential debate. Do not forget that many more issues will be presented in the next … Continue reading In Case You Missed the First Presidential Debate

Guide to the 2016 Election: Revisited

The last time WSP broached the subject of the 2016 presidential elections was back in March, when fewer than half of the states had finished their primary elections and caucuses. Back then, the Democratic Party was in the middle of a heated race between two well-qualified candidates in Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The nation was more or less evenly divided between the two charismatic … Continue reading Guide to the 2016 Election: Revisited