Asian American Beauty Standards

“She’s so dark!”, exclaimed two saleswomen on the side of the road in Mandarin as I passed down the streets of Flushing, Queens with my best friend. I tossed the comment aside at that moment, thinking that it was made abruptly and only because the ladies assumed I did not speak Mandarin. Looking back, I’ve come to realize that this idea of “being too dark” … Continue reading Asian American Beauty Standards

Ensure that…

Ensure that…. Mutual respect exists between us We are both independent and autonomous, and working on our own self-actualization We both try to do things for each other, but that we ultimately still respect ourselves above anything Our personalities are compatible We both have a growth mindset We’re both open to new ideas and insight that will help us build intimacy We know how to … Continue reading Ensure that…

Daily Tidbit: Mark Vonnegut

“Art is lunging forward without certainty about where you are going or how to get there, being open to and dependent on what luck, the paint, the typo, the dissonance, give you. Without art you’re stuck with yourself as you are and life as you think life is.” – Mark Vonnegut Today, May 11th, is Mark Vonnegut’s birthday! Born in 1947, he is an American … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Mark Vonnegut

Opinion: On Horoscopes and Tarot Cards

Horoscopes and tarot cards get a bad rep for being too spiritual or “new age” and for being a pseudoscience. While I believe that they should not be blindly used as a way to guide your life, it can be used to help guide you through some life events. Horoscopes can help you to identify and be aware of certain events and sectors of your … Continue reading Opinion: On Horoscopes and Tarot Cards

Janet Brown Memorial Scholarship 2018

$1000 Scholarship Rewarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate both a commitment to leadership/community involvement and financial need. Janet Brown and Her Legacy Janet Brown was the founding director of the Writing Success Program (WSP) and a valuable member of the Community Programs Office (CPO).  A well-read, unapologetically quirky, politically astute, and compassionate person, Janet was a mentor to students and staff alike.  Janet’s questions, guidance, … Continue reading Janet Brown Memorial Scholarship 2018

Grammar Police: Less or Fewer

“15 items or less.” We see them whenever we go to Walmart or Target, but these ubiquitous signs are actually grammatically incorrect. Why? “Less” is used to describe something that isn’t discrete, but “fewer” describes a countable object. Consider this simple question to determine which form to use: can you count it? If you can count it, use fewer. If you can’t count it, use … Continue reading Grammar Police: Less or Fewer

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Since May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I decided to compile a list of some of the most notable Asian American Pacific Islanders in history. Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive. 1. Fred Korematsu: A civil rights activist who objected to the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. 2. Vincent Chin: Chinese American man who was severely beaten. His death sparked … Continue reading Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

In American Politics, How Do We Choose Who to Help?

Humans are social creatures; we are always trying to please someone, whether they be a boss, a friend, a crush, or a stranger. The hard part is choosing WHO we want to make happy because it’s impossible to please everyone. Conflict doesn’t occur simply because one individual decides it would be a good idea to argue with another. Instead, as social psychologist Kurt Lewin point … Continue reading In American Politics, How Do We Choose Who to Help?