Daily Tidbit: Longest Word

Want to know what the longest English language word is? Hint: it’s not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Currently, the longest word in our dictionary is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis, created by Everett M. Smith in 1935, is a lung disease caused by inhalation of very fine sand and ash dust. Advertisements Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Longest Word

Daily Word: portmanteau

portmanteau (n.) Pronounciation: port-man-toe Meaning: 1. A large trunk or suitcase that opens into two equal halves. Any bag (usually leather) used to carry clothes while traveling. 2. Consisting of or combining two or more separate parts or qualities, such as a word that combines the sounds and meanings of two words to create a new word. Synonyms: 1. bag, luggage. 2. compound word, blend Example (literary): … Continue reading Daily Word: portmanteau

Daily Word: litotes

litotes (n.) Pronounciation: lie-toe-tees Meaning: A figure of speech in which an affirmative understatement is expressed by negating its opposite. A litotes emphasizes or draws attention to an idea or situation through ironical understatement. Do you have an example? Kira’s lunch with her ex was not the most cordial affair. It is not uncommon for the average college student to sleep less than five hours on a … Continue reading Daily Word: litotes

Daily Word: contingent

contingent —adjective 1. subject to chance : the contingent nature of the job. (of losses, liabilities, etc.) that can be anticipated to arise if a particular event occurs : businesses need to be aware of their liabilities, both actual and contingent. (Philosophy) true by virtue of the way things in fact are and not by logical necessity : that men are living creatures is a … Continue reading Daily Word: contingent

Daily Word: restitution

restitution —noun 1. the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner : seeking the restitution of land taken from blacks under apartheid. 2. recompense for injury or loss : he was ordered to pay $6000 in restitution. 3. the restoration of something to its original state : restitution of the damaged mucosa SYNONYMS restitution of the land seized: return, restoration, handing back, … Continue reading Daily Word: restitution

Daily Word: manifest

manifest —adjective clear or obvious to the eye or mind : the systems’s manifest failings. —verb [trans.] display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate : Ray manifested signs of severe depression. (often be manifested in) be evidence of; prove : bad industrial relations are often manifested in disputes and strikes. [instrans.] (of an ailment) become apparent through the appearance … Continue reading Daily Word: manifest

Daily Word: derive

derive —verb obtain something from (a specified source) : They derived great comfort from this assurance. (derive something from) base a concept on logical extension or modification of (another concept) : Marx derived his philosophy of history from Hegel. [instrans.] (derive from) (of a word) have (a specified word, usually of another language) as a root or origin: The word “punch” derives from the Hindustani “pancha”. … Continue reading Daily Word: derive