Daily Tidbit: Loving Yourself

With Valentine’s Day and its festivities coming up, I think it’s important to practice something that people often take for granted: loving yourself. It’s more than just face masks and self-care, it’s about being comfortable with ourselves and validating ourselves. Write down the little things that you appreciate about yourself and give yourself credit where credit is due. Consider taking yourself out on a date … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Loving Yourself

How to Stay Safe on Online Dating Apps

Valentine’s Day, the holiday of hugs and kisses, is right around the corner. There are not only numerous tempting discounts on chocolate in the markets, but there also are a handful of couples cuddling and holding hands in restaurants. Some are even making out in the park, but all you feel is alone, wondering “Where is my love story?” This loneliness amplifies, and thus you … Continue reading How to Stay Safe on Online Dating Apps

Love and Compassion in the Classroom

Paying attention to lecture and occasionally sipping on your coffee to stay awake, you’re reviewing the material and diligently taking notes (maybe even color-coding them). However, imagine doing all of that while also carrying a baby. Writing notes becomes more difficult to do so since you need to take care of the baby’s needs as they may even possibly be crying or constantly moving in … Continue reading Love and Compassion in the Classroom

Exposition: Hawaii (Me and You)

Exposition- Hawaii (Me and You) Kitchen dinner Sad and stressed Who would have thought? Me and you Let’s go.  Crazy one Crazy two Don’t think twice Let’s call a third one too- Down? The three of us Me and you Let’s go. Beach vibes  Great life Me and you Let’s go. IDs and plane tickets, More and more friends, Now we’re nine. Vamos. Me and … Continue reading Exposition: Hawaii (Me and You)

Daily Tidbit: Don’t Take Life So Seriously

Don’t take life too seriously.    We busy ourselves with deadlines, appointments, bills, and work so much that we forget why we put the hard work in. We forget to enjoy the fruit that grows from the hard work we put every day.  Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Go out and enjoy yourself with whoever makes you happy. Love whomever you want to … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Don’t Take Life So Seriously

Opinion: Writing from the Heart

I once had a friend tell me, “Writing should not be personal.” The context of our conversation was that I was having a little trouble with creative writing. I was working on a piece about my best friend and I was struggling with proving true, factual imagery. They believed that every line in my poem didn’t have to be true, and though he could be … Continue reading Opinion: Writing from the Heart

Exposition: The Masochist

The Masochist Our muscles ache after running But we don’t mind, it’s mind-numbing, Helps us forget the gut-wrenching feeling of a heart that’s breaking. The physical pain masks the mental ache, it gets rid of memories we can’t shake. We’re broken creatures who seek what leads to pain, an unaware want. We are all like moths to a flame, ‘Cause no one is really to … Continue reading Exposition: The Masochist

Daily Tidbit: Moving On

“because I promise that what’s for youwill never reach for youwhile you’re clinging to something else.”-April Green Moving on can look very different to different people. Some people choose to write about it, express themselves through the arts. Others hibernate, take time away from everyone and everything to mourn and process everything. Meanwhile, there’s other people who survive by drowning themselves in friends, new people, … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Moving On

Exposition: Sweet Lies

Sweet Lies Every woman has loved a liar And they’re liars too if they say they haven’t. Princess dreams, pink sheets, and pretty flowers All die, stain, and rot the second he opens his mouth. We buy empty promises and harmful lies, We become compulsive buyers around impulsive liars. In a dark night surrounded by empty bottles of  Whiskey, Tequila, and Rum,  I’m lost and … Continue reading Exposition: Sweet Lies

Opinion: My Homegirl

So the truth is, being hyper-emotional is my birthright according to astrologists and those who believe in the signs. Though I have proven this stereotype is right sometimes, I am what my brother’s would call ‘dead’ inside. Because though I am an emotional human being, I mostly process my emotions by myself and rarely share my love to people- I mean that’s a whole different … Continue reading Opinion: My Homegirl

Daily Tidbit: Eye Contact

“Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be.” -Unknown It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I am a horrible person for making eye contact. I get super self-conscious and the whole idea of making eye contact is so intimate it forces me to cast my eyes away. Something I’ve learned is that eye contact is meant to be intimate. You can … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Eye Contact

Daily Tidbit: Working Hard

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” -Unknown The career of your dreams, the woman or man of your life, the material and immaterial things in life, none of it comes easy. When you find yourself in a failed relationship, or maybe the person you’re trying to date has ‘too much baggage,’ we often times find ourselves being compelled to call it quits. And if we act … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Working Hard