Daily Tidbit: Tip for Writing

Hey Bruins!  For any of your short responses or assignments, always try to include some transitions! Whenever you want to add onto sub-point, use: In addition  Moreover Furthermore Along with that  When returning to your main argument (thesis), I would suggest you to use:  All in all  Overall  In brief  Essentially Here is a helpful list of transition words: http://www.smart-words.org/linking-words/transition-words.html   Continue reading Daily Tidbit: Tip for Writing

On Writing: Mistakes You Should Try to Stop Making

Writing isn’t easy. Believe me, I know.  But, each person needs to learn how to communicate fluently via the written word, especially if you’re entering a professional environment where this skill is necessary. I am someone who cringes at every grammar mistake or misspelling. So, whenever I find a mistake in a professor or counselor’s email, I always chuckle a bit at this irony: This … Continue reading On Writing: Mistakes You Should Try to Stop Making

Creating a Writing Portfolio

Our recent Resume and Cover Letter workshop sparked an interest in me to research writing portfolios. One of my friends has been posting links to important writing pieces that he has done on his resume, which seemed cluttered and inefficient so we looked at different online writing portfolios to draw inspiration from. Here are some pros and cons of some of the ones we looked … Continue reading Creating a Writing Portfolio

Destroy the Power of White, my tip on conquering writer’s block

I recently had a great conversation with a friend of mine about the state of her creative mind; she seemed to be in a creative funk. Not quite knowing where you want to begin and not yet having a direction of where you want to go can be frustrating for any artist. For writers, we even have coined the term writer’s block to reify this … Continue reading Destroy the Power of White, my tip on conquering writer’s block

Writing: Guided Journaling

As a college student involved in multiple organizations and extracurriculars, my schedule is pretty packed. It’s always hard for me to find time to journal and figure out my thoughts so after many trials and errors, I figured out how to brain-dump efficiently. Guided journaling doesn’t feel like it allows you to write out our thoughts and to be honest, it’s not. It’s not if … Continue reading Writing: Guided Journaling

Intersextionality: Sex and Culture

“Don’t let boys ruin your life. School should come first. Girls who play with boys are shameful,” my mom said to me when I was in middle school.  I would hear these words frequently years later, especially when she was mad at my dad, and the harsh connotations of her statements would be blurred by the softness of her Fujianese dialect each time. Only now, … Continue reading Intersextionality: Sex and Culture

Marie Kondo Your Writing: Tips on Organization

Recently, a lot of students have been coming into writing sessions and specifically asking for help with the organization of their papers. I find these sessions really interesting because of my love for organizing and sorting things. Here are five different ways you can organize a paper:  Chronological  This is a common way to organize ideas for storytellers and writers and involves organizing ideas in … Continue reading Marie Kondo Your Writing: Tips on Organization

Personal Statement Tips: Make it Personal!

Whether it would be applying for a scholarship, internships or even graduate programs, you will be finding yourself needing a few personal statements to demonstrate and highlight your qualifications. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Tell a story Writing about your experience or how your passion first blossomed as well as how you have developed your interest illustrates who you are as a … Continue reading Personal Statement Tips: Make it Personal!

Essay Your Way to an A: How to Write an Academic Paper

  Join the Writing Success Program for our first ever workshop for the 2019-2020 academic year! We will be going over some of the important things that make an A+ paper such as the thesis statement, analysis, research, and much more. After our presentation we will be offering drop in’s for those who have papers and would like immediate assistance. Make sure you come by … Continue reading Essay Your Way to an A: How to Write an Academic Paper

More English Idioms!

Thinking of expanding your usage on English idioms? You’re in luck!  Here are more common English idioms that you can use in your daily conversations: Break a LegThis phrase appears negative and morbid, but it actually means good luck. For example, actors may say this to each other right before their performance.  Example: Break a leg, Bob! I know you will do an amazing job!!  … Continue reading More English Idioms!

Writing on Social Media

With the internet becoming more and more prevalent, social media has become the most popular form of communication across multiple generations. That being said, how people wish to present themselves and/or their respective organizations has become very important. Here are some tips to better engage the online user on social media:  Write with a Purpose: Make the direction of your social media post clear. What … Continue reading Writing on Social Media

Opinion: Writing from the Heart

I once had a friend tell me, “Writing should not be personal.” The context of our conversation was that I was having a little trouble with creative writing. I was working on a piece about my best friend and I was struggling with proving true, factual imagery. They believed that every line in my poem didn’t have to be true, and though he could be … Continue reading Opinion: Writing from the Heart

Exposition: The Masochist

The Masochist Our muscles ache after running But we don’t mind, it’s mind-numbing, Helps us forget the gut-wrenching feeling of a heart that’s breaking. The physical pain masks the mental ache, it gets rid of memories we can’t shake. We’re broken creatures who seek what leads to pain, an unaware want. We are all like moths to a flame, ‘Cause no one is really to … Continue reading Exposition: The Masochist

Exposition: The First Last Kiss- A Short Story

The First Last Kiss- A Short Story “Grams,” Vivian asked, looking up from setting the dinner table. I watch her doubt herself for a second and then regain the courage to ask me, “What was your biggest regret?” I look up from lighting the candle and stare at her wide-eyed. What an odd question. And very random too. I simply smile and move to help … Continue reading Exposition: The First Last Kiss- A Short Story

Exposition: This Isn’t An Apology

“This Isn’t An Apology” by Berenise Arriaga Let’s make this crystal clear,  I don’t know what you expect to hear, But this isn’t an apology. It’s not in my biology To be sorrowful or mournful- Though by the end you might be scornful. Let’s not pin the blame But you knew my fame. Too easily I fall in and out of love  That for sure … Continue reading Exposition: This Isn’t An Apology

Review on Active Voice and Passive Voice Sentences & Commas Usage

No harm in a little review, right? Let’s get to it! Active Voice vs. Passive Voice Usually, writing in active voice is better than writing in passive voice since the sentences will be more concise and easier to read. Along with that, active voice sentences have more energy and are more direct. For example: My car was being driven. I was driving my car today. … Continue reading Review on Active Voice and Passive Voice Sentences & Commas Usage