What I’ve Noticed When It Comes to Separating Art from the Artist

The concept of separating art from the artist is almost guaranteed to expose you to a midst of debates and arguments. Although it isn’t in my place to dictate what you should believe in, I’ve personally noticed a pattern when the majority of the public comes to an agreement that we should separate the two: fame and reputation. Remember Chris Brown and his physical violence … Continue reading What I’ve Noticed When It Comes to Separating Art from the Artist

Daily Tidbit: A Brief History of the Green Card

Information adapted from CitizenPath. The green card has changed many times since its inception in 1940 after World War II. The First Green Card (1940-1977) The Alien Registration Act of 1940 required all foreign-born persons in the U.S. 14 years of age and older to be fingerprinted and register their presence at a U.S. post office. The forms were forwarded to the Immigration and Nationalization Service (INS), … Continue reading Daily Tidbit: A Brief History of the Green Card

Grammar: Verb Tenses

Verbs can be simple to understand sometimes. Verbs are action words. What complicates the understanding of verbs are the tenses. Understanding when to use which tense and in which situations is what makes it complex. Down below are some general rules that can be helpful in understanding the tenses and when to use them. Simple Present (Basic Form or S- form): Shows general facts, constant … Continue reading Grammar: Verb Tenses

The Consequences of Labeling

I remember the police officer saying, “she must be a disappointment to her mother” and “these kids are always getting into trouble”. I started getting into trouble in middle school and I think it was because I didn’t have good communication with my family and often felt lonely. Getting into trouble was a cool thing to do like you were a badass until you were … Continue reading The Consequences of Labeling

Celebrating Diversity Through Culture Nights

UCLA is home to a wide array of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Located in Los Angeles, which is quite appropriately known as a multi-cultural melting pot, UCLA boasts a special claim to fame as one of the most diverse schools in the nation. Diversity is one of UCLA’s core values because it allows the school “to provide a broad, enriching educational experience that … Continue reading Celebrating Diversity Through Culture Nights

Michel Foucault’s “The History of Sexuality”

Ever since coming to UCLA, I can never find the time between my academics, work, extracurriculars, family, relationships, or social life to just read books for the sake of reading. Anything I do read during the quarter is often assigned through my classes and they’re often terribly boring and dry. These past few years at UCLA, I’ve wistfully day dreamt of reading something like Harry … Continue reading Michel Foucault’s “The History of Sexuality”

On Writing: Reading as a Part of the Writing Process

The more I write and prepare for class papers, the more I realize how integral reading and re-reading are to the writing process. Usually, I think of the writing process as this: 1. Brainstorm 2. Outline 3. Draft 4. Revise If I do factor in reading I tend to consider it a “pre-writing process” step. While this is a very traditional way of thinking of … Continue reading On Writing: Reading as a Part of the Writing Process

International Reads: The Thing Around Your Neck

I tend to gravitate to stories about immigration or stories about people in different countries outside of the United States. After reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah (which I absolutely loved), I needed to pick up another of her books. I found The Thing Around Your Neck at a local library. A collection of short stories that ties characters to Nigeria and the U.S. The first … Continue reading International Reads: The Thing Around Your Neck

Prompt 11: Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us! March 20th was the first day of spring this year; the start of regrowth and rebirth, of life and everything that adds to life. It is also a period of time where you’ll most likely hear the phrase, “I have to do some spring cleaning!” What would you like to do spring cleaning on, whether it’s figurative, literal, imaginative, or anything in … Continue reading Prompt 11: Spring Cleaning

Living With Your Sister In College

“You’re living with your sister?” I don’t know how many people choose to live with their siblings, especially in college. However, when I mentioned this to people they were surprised. Some even said, “Are you sure you want to do that?” My sisters and I have shared a room for years. I only questioned it once and then laughed because I thought it was silly … Continue reading Living With Your Sister In College

Is It Possible to be Too Friendly?

In general, friendliness is seen as a good trait to have. Friendly people show us that we are liked, which makes us feel good or accepted. But can one be too friendly? Certainly the creators of The School of Life video “The Problem with Over-Friendly People” think so. The video lays out three problems with “over-friendly” people: They don’t seem to have their own opinion and agree with anything. They compliment … Continue reading Is It Possible to be Too Friendly?