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Fall 2016 Drop-In Hours

Fall 2016 Drop-In Hours Writing Success Program (WSP) Drop-In Hours – Fall 2016 NOTE: Drop-ins are intended for shorter questions and run from 15 to 30 minutes. To schedule a longer session with a counselor please visit: View our hours below. We look forward to seeing you soon! WSP Fall 2016 Drop-In Hours Monday – Wednesday: 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM Thursday – Friday: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM … Continue reading Fall 2016 Drop-In Hours


“A Night in the Life”

This school year marks the halfway point of my undergraduate career. In two more years, I’ll be out in the real world, either living in my mother’s basement or working for a company I feel passionate about (I’m hoping for the latter). For many students, the resounding indicator of our success and self-worth has been our grades. Ever since the checks and star pluses of … Continue reading “A Night in the Life”


Proposition 64: Legal Recreational Marijuana Use In California

On Tuesday night, residents of California learned the results of the elections, and with that, the legalization of recreational marijuana usage. Proposition 64 passed with 56.2% of the vote, while the other 43.8% voted no on its legalization. Specifically within the Los Angeles county, the prop passed with 58.3% of the vote. Proposition 64 legalizes recreational marijuana use; however, there are various rules and regulations … Continue reading Proposition 64: Legal Recreational Marijuana Use In California


Suggested Reading – Flower Fables by Louisa May Alcott

I assume that the vast majority of individuals who have endured high school English literature will know a bit about the author-poet “Louisa May Alcott” – if I asked someone to name a novel of hers, most people would at least be able to recall either Little Women or Jo’s Boys, or maybe both. But I doubt anyone would name Flower Fables. I stumbled upon … Continue reading Suggested Reading – Flower Fables by Louisa May Alcott


Prompt 3: Describe your Ideal Day

If you could do anything (within the natural laws of this world…i.e. no magic or superpowers) and you had one day to do it, what would you do? In short, describe your ideal day. When do you wake up? Where are you? Who are you with? What do you eat or do? Weekend Writing Warrior rules: You have until the next prompt is posted the following week … Continue reading Prompt 3: Describe your Ideal Day


Before You Pull an All-Nighter. . .

As undergraduate students here at UCLA – or any college or university, really – we’ve been programmed to achieve the best grades, fill up our resumes with as many activities or jobs possible; yet, we’ve been encouraged to hold  social lives, and explore the “fun” side of college, free of homework or studying (whatever that may be for you).   I remember reading what was … Continue reading Before You Pull an All-Nighter. . .


The Great Los Angeles Walk 2016

If you happen to be planning a stroll down Pico Boulevard this upcoming Saturday afternoon, be prepared to cross paths with several hundred sunhat and Jansport backpack-donning passersby participating in the Great Los Angeles Walk of 2016. The trek takes place every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving weekend. Its proximity to the national holiday provides an incentive to participate – why not work off … Continue reading The Great Los Angeles Walk 2016


Immigrants in Our Own Land by Jimmy Santiago Baca

Jimmy Santiago Baca  is a well established American poet whom I read while I was at my community college. Baca first began writing poetry in prison, and his poetry was the first I had ever encountered that spoke about immigrants. Baca’s poem titled Immigrants In Our Own Land is a narrative on the immigrant experience in which the narrator also takes us on a journey … Continue reading Immigrants in Our Own Land by Jimmy Santiago Baca