About WSP

Final WSP ElephantThe Writing Success Program believes in the power of words to transform and inspire. Collaborating with students in each step of the writing process, we assist them in developing the tools required for critical thinking and writing, thus contributing to their holistic growth as agents of social change. By supporting a more compassionate and confident approach to writing, students engage their voices with more power and joy.


1. 1-on-1 Writing & Creativity Counseling

Work one-on-one with a trained Writing & Creativity Counselor on any writing assignment or project–resumes, scholarship applications, cover letters, creative writing, and more! Here, you can brainstorm ideas, deepen critical thinking, expand analytical skills, develop strong arguments, and improve writing clarity and potency.

a. Scheduled Hour-Long Appointments

To schedule an hour-long appointment:

1. Visit the wspucla.setmore.com.

2. Click on One-on-One Session.

3. Select any one of our writing counselors and fill out the appointment form.

4. You should receive an email confirming your application time and date.

b. Daily Drop-In Hours

Our available drop-in hours are posted here on the blog and in the Student Activities Center (Suite 105). You do not need to schedule in advance for a drop-in session.

3. Quarterly Workshops

Every quarter WSP hosts a variety of workshops. In the past we’ve had workshops focused on resume building, personal statements, and creative writing. To be up to date on any and all workshops we might be hosting across the UCLA campus, please follow our blog, like us on Facebook, or join our list-serve.

4. Daily Support & Inspirational Blog

The Writing Success Program is a unique writing service on the UCLA campus because we provide daily writing support and inspiration through our blog. Our section ON WRITING features writing tips, the experience of writing, and anything else related to the craft of the written word. VOICES features our staff’s personal and inspirational blog posts. We hope that by reading our writing, students and the public in general, will be able to grow as writers and feel inspired to write something of their own.



The objective of the Writing Success Program (WSP) is to support the Student Retention Center’s mission of retaining and graduating conscious and empowered leaders. We accomplish this by giving students the tools to think and write with meaning and purpose, thus contributing to their holistic development as scholars. We provide one-to-one writing counseling and quarterly workshops to address the full range of students’ needs in relation to multiple types of assignments including research papers, resumes and personal statements. WSP’s main goals are to ease writing anxiety, increase students’ confidence and develop the analytical skills necessary for students to be effective, persuasive communicators. We pride ourselves on a methodology that fosters divergent thinking and centralizes the student within the writing process; this brings out the student’s voice and gives validity to their ideas. Furthermore, WSP strives to support students in developing a more compassionate and assured sense of self, essential ingredients for the proactive pursuit of their dreams.



The Writing Success Program was founded in 2002 by Janet E. Brown and concerned student leaders from the Campus Retention Committee (CRC). Prior to this establishment, Janet informally counseled students on their writing. In her approach, Janet centralized students’ knowledge and ideas, challenging them to think beyond the surface of an argument through her use of critical questions and dialogue. Given the focus of the Community Programs Office on serving students who may have received inadequate preparation for the rigorous demands of college level reading and writing, Janet’s writing methodology was clearly in line with the CRC’s goal of providing non-traditional students with the resources necessary to tap into their highest potential. The Writing Success Program today continues this tradition, offering rich, engaging writing sessions that go far beyond mere tutoring or proofreading. We walk through each step of the writing process together with students to support them in developing the tools necessary to fully express their ideas in meaningful, eloquent writing. By asking questions, listening and discussing, we bring out the strength and clarity of students’ arguments and empower them to take ownership of the writing process.