Prompt 11: Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us! March 20th was the first day of spring this year; the start of regrowth and rebirth, of life and everything that adds to life. It is also a period of time where you’ll most likely hear the phrase, “I have to do some spring cleaning!” What would you like to do spring cleaning on, whether it’s figurative, literal, imaginative, or anything in … Continue reading Prompt 11: Spring Cleaning

Under the Starry Sky

Under the empty sky, I lay down my head and look up. My eyes scan left and right, up and down to try and find the thousands of twinkling bright stars I’m always promised in nature pictures. I find only a few stars—possibly the Big Dipper and the North Star. Everything else is shrouded in the darkness; an occasional airplane here, some flashing lights there. … Continue reading Under the Starry Sky

Would they still be able to retire like Don Fidencio?

As I walked down the street from Ralph’s with one hand carrying a milk gallon and the other carrying a bag with tostadas, I couldn’t help but to notice streets vendors working out in the sun. I saw the fruit man who looks like he can be my father’s age cutting up fruit. I always get happy when I see the cart almost empty, but … Continue reading Would they still be able to retire like Don Fidencio?